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    A Myth

    Organism - video games allow us to do and experience things that are completely impossible in real life You feel Well Rested.
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    It's Too Interesting

    Cat - Me: "I hate drama , I wanna live a peaceful life" Also me when drama happens:
  • 3

    Better Out Than In

    Cloud - It was going to be photo of the year, until
  • 4

    A Great Privilege

    Forehead - WHAS11.COM Family of bobcats moves into Arizona woman's front yard; a month later, they won't leave JESUS, I SEE WHAT YOU'VE DONE FOR OTHER PEOPLE, AND I WANT THAT FOR ME.
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  • 5

    Ripping One Out

    Cloud - When you try to make a very low key fart and it comes out like...
  • 6

    A Welcome Distraction

  • 7


    Cartoon - The group of water bottles in my room when I bring in another one
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  • 8

    Never Doubt

    Clothing - "That's not possible.." Anything is possible with family.
  • 9

    All About Angles

    Photograph - Nobody: Girls putting on mascara:
  • 10

    Gateway Drug

    Photograph - STANDARD.CO.UK Cheese triggers the same part of the brain as hard drugs
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  • 11


    Clothing - There's a dog behind you. What does he look like?
  • 12

    Remix Time

    Computer - *Me going to sleep* The neighbor's dog : We started with the midnight broadcast LLU
  • 13


    Cartoon - When a deaf person hears for the first time and realises farting makes a noise
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  • 14


    Mythical creature - Me: I need to go to bed early, I have alot to do tomorrow My brain at 3am:
  • 15

    Suffer Children

    Mouth - When you realize everything happening now means extra homework for history students in the future
  • 16

    I'm Fine

    Cartoon - when the weight of the world is coming down on u but u still gotta act like you're okay
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    Vehicle - When the problem asks you what the problem is
  • 18

    Hard Day's Work

    Facial expression - Me when I see my dog sleeping in the middle of the day: MUST BE NICE TO GET A REST FROM ALL YOUR REST.
  • 19

    Not Again

    Vertebrate - when you're about to fall asleep but your body does the fake fall thing
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  • 20


    Hand - what the heart is VS what my dumb ass thought it was JONGHYUN
  • 21


    Forehead - Imagine these two yelling at each other CTO
  • 22

    She's Wise

    Sharing - Kids next year after being homeschooled. "but my momma said" @eatcallahans
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  • 23

    It's Theirs Now

    Comfort - "We need a bigger bed if the kids are going to be sleeping in it." - Parents Everywhere Children sleeping in the bigger bed: @BE_KUIND_OF_WITDY
  • 24

    Existential Crisis Time

    Product - Celebrating other people's birthdays Celebrating everfflo my own
  • 25

    Not So Forbidden Snack

    Food - I like eating Nerds because l'm secretly hungry for aquarium gravel and this takes the edge off.
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  • 26

    For Entertainment Purposes

    Outerwear - Toddlers, every 5 seconds: the offie DEEP TRACKS ONLY (YELLS)
  • 27

    Flashbacks Please

    Human - When I watch season 2 of a show trying to remember what happens in season 1 that I watched 2 years ago in one day
  • 28


    Plant - Me: "I can't stand nosey people." Also me: @wtfyoumeme1
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  • 29

    La La La

    Flower - Me: *trying to appear like I am listening* Meanwhile in my head: **
  • 30

    They Keep Trying Me

    Water - Me when I wake up: "I'm gonna have a good day today." Me 10 minutes later: DELAV I have contained my rage for as long as possible,
  • 31


    Forehead - When you expect the worst, and worst happens, but you're happy because you expected correctly.
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  • 32

    Seems Reasonable

    Property - Nobody: Housing market of 2021: NEW LISTING COMING SOON! List Price: $299,900
  • 33

    Anyone Can See

    Glasses - "Money doesn't matter" - Rich People "Looks don't matter" - Attractive People "Nothing really matters" - People who just killed a man


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