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Discussion On Dealing With Picky Doggo Eaters: Tips And Tricks

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    Font - what kind of goodies do you add to your dog's food? [Discussion] Hey everyone, I have a 11 month old basset that is starting to show no interest in his kibble, l've tried adding water, l've tried adding pumpkin and he used to love pumpkin, l've tried adding carrots, cause he still eats those by itself. Just wondering what others are hooking up there pups with when it comes to food? Encouraging them to eat. It's only started about a week ago. He seems to eat when I add a slice of diced del

    Oof, this is a tough one! You want your doggo to eat…but you want your doggo to eat healthily, too. We want to hear from allll the doggo owners out there, what do you do in this situation? 

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    Font - kamelizann· 7h Ya I definitely think every dog owner should have a container of fish oil. You can get 32oz or 64oz containers for $30-$50 and they last months. My dogs love it. I go with nupro silver for a joint supplement and add it to their food. People are constantly mistaking my 6.5 y/o gsd for a 2 year old dog because he's so active and fast. His first x rays as a puppy showed that his hips were out of alignment so that's what the vet recommended and that's what l've given him every

    Fish oil?! What even is that! Sounds like it's something healthy, so we're with it. Just pour a lil water on top and the meal goes from "meh" to "omg food time." Ya can't really beat that, we must admit. 

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    Font - Cursethewind · 17h Champion; Mika NTD/Sebastian Nothing. Adding stuff to it creates a picky eater. Allow your dog to go without toppers and just waiting them out is the best bet. 6 Reply 1 101 3 croix_v • 16h I second this –- my dog is the pickiest eater and that's from my own mistakes from when I first got him. It's better for everyone to just stick to kibble. He still has his hunger strike day every once in a while but it's the best bet. 4 34 3 Penya23 · 12h My 60 Ibs lab-mix is wonderi
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    Font - Cursethewind · 16h Champion; Mika NTD/Sebastian I have a shiba. He regularly has hunger strikes. I have never once entertained them so they're usually 12 hours long and infrequent due to that. 4 19 3 ...
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    Human body - Prismine · 16h Fox Hound and Coon Hound I have a 10 yo coon hound and I put pumpkin puree, fish oil, and glucosamine treats. Not necessarily for taste, but for her health. She LOVES the fish oil tho and I recommend it to anyone
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    Font - MaritimeRuby • 11h My old dog went three (four?) days without eating. Bloodwork, imaging, etc... turned out that he just didn't like his kibble. My current collie I tried to wait out and found out that she will vomit on an empty stomach, which leads to her feeling sicker and even more food refusal, more vomiting, which eventually leads to dehydration, IV etc. Learned the hard way! I do agree in concept that most dogs you should try to wait out, but dogs making themselves ill refusing to e
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    Font - LadyVD · 13h Def. My bulldog is one of them. So stubborn. Will even hold his pee for hours just bc it's raining. If I change his kibble too often it upsets his stomach so l've never minded adding healthy stuffs in small quantities. I think of it as a variety. He's very healthy and will be 7 soon frownyfrown · 12h My chihuahua mix is so incredibly picky, she was losing weight as a 10 week old puppy because she refused to eat except treats. And if she didn't eat, the bile hunger pukes would
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    Font - jw_throwaway5 · 14h I don't change up the kibble necessarily, but I change how I feed her. My girl has several puzzle toys and a snuffle mat. I put 1/2 of her food in one of those options in the morning and then she gets the other half at dinner. Most days she will eat in the morning, but sometimes saves it for around lunch. Maybe your pup would have fun with something like that? Best of luck! Reply 1 8 + BartorooniXxs OP • 14h I use both of those for rewards after training sessions. But
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    Font - builtbybama_rolltide · 17h I use a tablespoon of canned dog food in my dogs food. I open a can and store the leftovers in a Tupperware in the fridge. Unfortunately, since he is a rescue the shelter he was in was adding wet food to his kibble to make him gain weight since he was extremely underweight when he was brought in. I've had nearly 3 years and haven't been able to break him of the wet food completely. We went from a full can, to a half, to a quarter and now we're down to a tablespo
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    Product - kwang9275 · 17h Boiled chicken breast for my wire fox terrier. I booled enough for 2-3 days en add a few pieces each meal Reply 1 3 + Fancy_Possibility · 11h Yep. This is my go-to also. It's so easy. I just throw a few chicken breasts in the instant pot and then shred them up and freeze them in bags that I thaw out for topping. ..
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    Font - TheSkinnyJeans · 14h We rotate kibble flavor (and sometimes brand) after every bag. If the eating slows down, I've also added these: 1. Wet dog food 2. Meat flavored baby food 3. Cheese 4. Chicken broth 5. Warm water 6. Carrots 7. Chicken 8. Plain Greek yogurt 9. Bell peppers 10. Rice
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    Font - CBML50 · 17h Cattle dogs, mutts, and cattlemutts A healthy dog won't starve itself. He might just be going through some "teenage" behavior. I'd pick up the food bowl and try again in a couple hours. If he goes more than a day with eating, time for a vet visit G Reply 1 18 Suspicious_Design_29 · 15h A stubborn dog will 100% do this. Mine does the same. He'll refuse to eat all day won't touch his food until the evening then needs to got out in the middle of the night. Once he starts that he
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    Font - fondood • 17h My basset would jump off a cliff for one single solitary kibble. Seems like yours is a bit more discerning! I've heard a little bit of chicken broth can help, or a small amount of canned tuna (in water). Good luck with your long floopy boy. G Reply 4 8 dignity-usurper · 13h · 4 points BartorooniXxs OP 17h Haha lucky owners, I'll try the tuna in water. That's something I can live with since he is insanely active, boggles my mind. Went to a basset meet up with like 50 bassets
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    Font - Childisheye · 15h I have a German Shepherd who was underweight when rescued and would not eat. Even now, she is not at all food motivated. She also has an extremely sensitive stomach and does not tolerate fatty foods. To get her to eat, I often add the following to her kibble and she totally sops them up-eggs, low fat cottage cheese, canned sardines (in water), coconut oil, fruits such as pineapple or apples, boiled sweet potatoes, pumpkin purée, and cooked meats-chicken (boiled) or turke
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    Font - AngelDoee3 • 11h My dog loves her dry kibble. I'll add things at random when I feel like it. Usually holidays and her birthday. The list: -Raw egg with shell -Cooked white rice -Carrots -Celery -Broccoli -Blueberries -Pumpkin -Lettuce -Plain/Vanilla Greek Yogurt -Dog treats

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