I Can Has Cheezburger?

Smol Dump Of Animal Memes For Some Extra Giggles

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    Rectangle - A short story about decisions ifunny.co

    You may laugh, but you have to admit that - for a cat - this is something that takes a whooole lot of courage. A hue white blanket of snow covering the world all of a sudden. This cat simply had to explore. And explore it tried only to run back inside just like we all do because heck that. 

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    Dog - The groomer cut every part of my husky except for his head. I can't stop laughing

    Oh. Oh, no. We are not laughing. Nope. Not at all. This is not funny. This is sad. This is so sad. Not laughing. Oh, no, here comes the giggle, here it is. Why does this dog look like an actual overgrown chicken? Aah, we are laughing, okay, fine, we give in, look at this poor chicken doggo omg. 

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    Product - so i got a notification from our security camera that someone was at the front door DANK Ren @GamelikeEA Buzz him in lol
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    Dog - Finally, a political movement I can get behind THOR MICHAELSON SAYS NO TO VACUUMS They're loud and they freak him out.
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    Photograph - brother no EA
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    Dog - who's a good boy? well it sure wasn't darryl. he ran these fucking streets.
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    Vertebrate - ALPACA VS. LLAMA Vs. An alpaca... -Weighs 150 lbs. -Has soft fleece A llama... -Weighs 400 lbs. -Has a knife in its fur -Listens to Norwegian death metal -Eats old corn dogs -Is constantly drunk -Will kill you the first chance it gets -Listens to human commands -Eats grass -Is even-tempered -Travels in herds
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    Cat - When someone I don't know touches me
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    Wheel - When someone asks me when l'm going to have kids...
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    Pollinator - Honeybees let out a 'whoop' when they bump into each other newscientist.com
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    White - 7- HOGS Each dot represents 5,000 hogs nemfrog "Each dot represents 5,000 hogs." World Geography. 1948. lemondemon untapped infinite hog supply in the ocean sketchmagetch Each state is lined with an impenetrable wall.of swine. We are trapped 2kittensinacup We've lost canada and mexico to the hogs already
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