25 Outrageous Autocorrect Fails to make you LOL | Cheezburger

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    An off-color paint job

    Rectangle - mil. Verizon 6:44 PM 98 % I Messages Matt Edit i am at home depot. do you need more paint. Yes I need prob 2 more gallons. what is color, i forgot name Behr 7708-7 CHOCOLATE SHART i just asked for that and the guy laughed at me for 5 minutes. Omg omg it's chocolate sparkle!!! I am LMAO Sorry

    It's nice that you can request just about any color you'd like in the paint section, but they probably aren't willing to go this far and make chocolate shart just for customer satisfaction.

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    Something something potatoes

    Rectangle - AT&T 3G 5:40 PM 73% Messages <3 Babe Edit Mashed potatoes or bitchgobblet potatoes tonight? What the f k???? Omg...butthurt potatoes Bitthurt Delivered Ughhhhh! Buttered

    A nice buttered potato can go a long way, especially when shot out of a cannon at 3 thousand feet per second. Is Babe a common name? Because it seems like a lot of people have it.

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    Thanks phone, now I have to sell my kid.

    Green - Messages Alison Edit Are you doing the nutcracker this year? Yep! I'm auctioning kids tomorrow. Suctioning kids. Ridiculous auto cat rectal Birdseed! I AM AUDITIONING KIDS FORPLAY Wow I am sorry I asked! Hahahahahah Send

    Either there's some diabolical freudian subtext going on here, or this person's phone needs to go to jail. Wait, phones aren't allowed in jail, are they?

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    What a way to propose.

    Font - Messages Julian Edit How did Emily break her finger? Her finger got stuck in my butth le WHATTTT?! Holyst t. My buckle. Belt buckle. That is the funniest thing I have heard ALL day!

    It's one of those times autocorrect suggested something that's not out of the realm of possibility. 

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  • 5

    Who's this Abby person you've been seeing?

    Font - Can we go to the gym tomorrow Sure Abby Baby* Oh boy here we go Read 8:59 PM iMessage

    Most of the time autocorrect fails just end in an "oh hahaha that's so wacky" but it's looking like this one was an invitation to the thunderdome. Guy's gonna need that gym membership so he has somewhere to take showers while he's living in his car.

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    That's one kind of applause.

    Font - Chat Files More Ok. Seeing a specific Sleep guy? Same guy that gave me the clap. Christ, I hope that was a typO Probably going to have to do another sleep study Haha yeah. That's funny. Apparently cpap autocorrects

    Getting an STD from the so called "sleep guy?" The sinister connotations are just too much to handle.

  • 7

    Growing fetuses need those nutrients from the polenta.

    Product - Messages Mark Edit I know this may sound dumb but is placenta considered a gluten? Was thinking of making that with chicken. For when you are here. Placenta?!!! Like from a human?!! Wtf?! OMG! Stupid spell check. Polenta. Can't stop giggling. I can't stop laughing! O iMessage Send

    The worst thing here is that someone has probably asked this question seriously. Sidebar, polenta isn't even that good and there's no reason to eat it anyway.

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  • 8

    The mother of all typos.

    Product - a. AT&T 8:48 PM 77% Messages Mom Edit May 9, 2011 8:46 PM What did you do today ma Cleaned, paid bills, made pasta I just gave your father a huge boner and now he's passed out on the couch. EW!!! do not need to know that!!!!! Oh my goodness. I gave him a huge bowl. I'm laughing out loud. I'm glad you are cuz wanna barf.

    The most unbelievable thing here is that someone would go out of their way to text their mom asking how her day went. Or are we just bad children?

  • 9

    Horngry? Have a snickers.

    Rectangle - aill. ROGERS 6 11:16 PM Messages Rashad Edit Yo I'm so horny I'd eat a dong right now HORNY HUNGRY for DONG DONG not dONG DOG! Fridge auto cucumber! Fridge auto cucumber! I give up. 2011-11-15 11:15 PM dude???

    We see absolutely nothing wrong here, and every conceivable misinterpretation of this text is valid. Even the auto cucumber.

  • 10

    Oceans 12, but they're apostles.

    Azure - lll Verizon 3G 9:17 PM 10 7% Messages Jack Hillery Edit It's my bet whale Peg Pet Jesus heist CJRISY Lmao hahaha CHRISY Wtf CHRIST Thank you Jesus iMessage Send

    Just saying, if there were some kind of Jesus Heist, it would probably have something to do with something being gone after three days in a cave.

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  • 11

    The name's Hahaha, wear it out.

    Font - Hannah Wilson @hannahhwilson phone autocorrected my name na didn't even notice Delivery Address: Hahahah Wilson Falkirk Stirlingshire, United Kingdom FK1 5UN

    Hello, my name is Hahahaha, this is my husband Guffaw and our son ROFL.

  • 12

    Epic Pen15

    Rectangle - all AT&T 3G 4:26 PM 97% Messages Dad Edit I heard mom got stung by a few bees this morning. Is she ok??? Hospital??? She is okay now. No hospital. She had to take the deep penis. Uh... What? I had to inject her with an EPIC PENIS. Oh for Christ's sake. Epi Pen

    It's a little too bad it ended up actually being an Epi Pen, cause those things are friggin' expensive.

  • 13

    It's not delivery.

    Rectangle - Messages Edit dude, wanna eat pizza sluts tonight? Tonight tomorrow and every night LOL. I meant pizza hut you perve.

    It's unclear why autocorrect would think that's a thing, but these so-called ladies of the pizza have our attention. 

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  • 14

    Don't let the door lick you on the way out.

    Product - al.. AT&T 3G 12:17 AM 25% Sending... Messages Edit Wnoever miCole casey Feb 4, 2012 7:56 PM What time will you be home? Feb 4, 2012 9:01 PM Please lick door behind you tonight. Come say goodnight. Straight to bed. Feb 5, 2012 12:16 AM Dont worry I Ilicked it behind me. Text Message Send

    Thank goodness it at least got "door" right and didn't say "dog" or something. If we did everything autocorrect told us to do, we'd be in jail. 

  • 15

    The birds and the bees, the fishes and the dogs.

    Rectangle - Messages mikki Edit heyy mom do the fishes the fishes? the dishes go do the dishes and the dogs i dont like them like that I MEANT FEED! Damn auto corrector

    *Takes fish out of dishwasher*

    "Yeah, maybe this is a little bit my bad."

  • 16

    Dead lord.

    Azure - ail. Verizon 11:27 AM Clear All Scott Cancel Oct 7, 2011 9:35 AM Happy Birthday to you ! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dead husband! Happy Birthday to you! Thanks. I assume you meant "dear." Ahhhhh Yes!!!! I mean that is a crazy autocorrect! Sorry babe.

    Autocorrect fails aside, what kind of sociopath texts someone the entire happy birthday song instead of just saying "happy birthday?"

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  • 17

    "Yeah, I'm into kissing."

    Rectangle - Messages Mackenzie Edit Call Contact Info Ugg I have had the worst day ever Aw I'm so sorry hon I just want you to fist me when I get home and make me forget all about it. НАНАНАН КISS ME! Lol. Well at least I'm laughing now.

    While it's obviously a mistake, they are probably right. It would probably make you forget about your day.

  • 18

    Don't bring autocorrect into this.

    Rectangle - AT&T 3G 12:12 PM 36% Messages (1) Edit Yayy!! 1 more beer then we're lesbian Autocorrect!!!! Haha!! Leaving!!!

    Sure, blame it on the phone.

  • 19

    Suddenly Transported Daughter

    Rectangle - l. AT&T 3G 3:55 PM 67% Messages Father Edit Call FaceTime Contact > Dec 16, 2010 3:54 PM I'm going to pick up STD. What? OMG!!!! I meant Syd. I'm going to pick up, Syd, your daughter!!

    It's times like these when you don't send a correction, you should just let the message hang there, like a plastic bag in the ocean.

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  • 20

    A casket in the sky.

    Rectangle - Love you babe! goodnight! My love for you is strong I would buy you a casket if I could! "castle. I promise I meant castle. Autocorrect why do you have to ruin me so? Emily? Hello?

    Unpopular opinion: Saying you'll buy someone a casket is a more heartfelt and reasonable description of love than saying you'll buy them a castle.

  • 21

    Beep Boop.

    Product - Messages (1) Daniel 2.0 Edit I don't want to talk about this now. Whatever. I was not flirting with her. Yeah that's not what Hannah said. She's lying. I wish you would just breastfeed me. *BELIEVE piece of crap НАНАНАН ОMG that is epic. But I am still mad. And I'm never going to breastfeed you.

    Give Daniel 2.0 a break, they're obviously a robot trying to understand human interaction.

  • 22

    This post sponsored by Halls. Not the cough drops. The building feature.

    Azure - all. Verizon ? 10:30 PM 58% E Messages Sarah Edit tonight. Are you still sick? I'm feeling much better after sucking on some balls Are you trying to tell me something? What? Oh damn, autocorrect. I was sucking on balls ?????!! No! Cough drops! HALLS! iMessage Send

    Again, totally makes sense without the last text. No correction needed.

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  • 23

    Oh no I am Pringnant.

    Light - il. AT&T 5:36 PM 75% Messages Pamela Edit Can't wait to see you babe. Hurry up and get here! Whoo hoo! It's Friday. Screw the gym! I'm getting pregnant tonight! U. Shouldn't we talk ...... about that first? НАНАНАНАНА Oh my god. I wrote pringles and it autocorrected to pregnant I almost had a heart attack Send

    Pringles are a lot like pregnancy. It involves a no-featured mustachioed man and shoving your hand in a tube full of potato product. Wait a second, those aren't similar at all.

  • 24

    The bois with the fur

    Rectangle - My Mom owns 4 Yorkshire Terriers (yorkis) sometimes when she has to work late, she texts me and asks if I will "feed the dogs" I got her phone and made her a short cut. Shortcut feed the dogs Phrase turn on some Lil Jon and get f. ked up with the yorkis Messages Mom Details I'm still at work can you turn on some Lil Jon and get f ked up with the yorkis? Ummm sure I guess? Is there beer in the fridge? No something is wrong I need you to turn on some Lil Jon and get f ked up with the y

    Seeing absolutely no problem with this substitution. What a wonderful sounding time.

  • 25

    Deep cut.

    Blue - James Breakwell @XplodingUnicorn I tried to say, "I'm a functional adult;," but my phone changed it to "fictional adult," and I feel like that's more accurate.

    Say what you will about imposter syndrome. Like say whatever you will about it. It's probably accurate.


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