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Halfway To Caturday: Cat Memes And Tweets

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    Photograph - justdoitdaily-fitblr: fscottfitzgerld: my aunt took her indoor cat outside for the first time omg

    Honestly what a mood. We never really envisioned this scenario in our heads before, but oh my god, it totally makes sense! This is pretty amusing to see, and we love it. Such a cute cuddly smol cat!

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    Smile - Curie thought she saw her brother get a treat. Thus began an interpretive protest dance.

    Is this not how everybody acts when they want a treat?  Who doesn't do an interactive protest dance when they're hungry and not being immediately rewarded?  Maybe we'll try this dance out next time just in case to see if it works. 

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    Liquid - If you must know, I'm having a spa day. O need things like this to help keep me calm while living with you, Susan. Crest PRO HEALTH COMPLETE Se
  • 4
    Cat - Is it weird to name cats you meet on the street cause l'd like to introduce you to white truffle french fry
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  • 5
    Brown - Cat tree came with catnip...he found the catnip first
  • 6
    Furniture - When the human forgets to pick you up from kitty school @hilarious.ted
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  • 7
    Product - Lady: Ur so lazy, catch a mouse for once Cat: catch a boyfriend for once Lady: *starts crying* Cat: thats what I fucking thought Margaret @MasiPopal
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  • 8
    Hat - Spent 10 minutes looking for my cat before I went to bed, found him asleep in a wok on top of the freezer
  • 9
    Cat - Is your cat about to leave you? What to look out for: Fancy new hairdoo Loveless glare Suitcase New bling- Who gave her that? Plane Travel Scrabble Ticket
  • 10
    Carnivore - My cat fell asleep in my salad..
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  • 11
    Cat - When I see drama l'm not involved in: OPCORN
  • 12
    Cat - The reason why Ican't have nice things.
  • 13
    Plant - My neighbor's cat regularly comes over to disapprove of us O SAND AND LAST LE RE
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  • 14
    Sky - He is Hovercat...

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