I Can Has Cheezburger?

Tumblr Animal Posts Of Hilarity And Unexpected Knowledge

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    Font - its-the-fluorescentsss Follow I JUST SCREAMED rocket @tweetsbyrocket octupus: [gun in each hand] cat: you're one short buddy ground-zoro Follow Took me longer than l'd have liked to get this. 73,965 notes

    We are ashamed to say that it took us more than a few seconds to get this. We feel like we should get our cat ladies cards revoked. Then again, we actually laughed out loud once we did get it, so perhaps our cat overlords will have some mercy and allow us to continue helping them take over the world. 

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    Black - jame @videojame_ ... how high do bugs fly is there a point where they're like nevermind 11:43 PM · 2021-08-25 · Twitter Web App 6,250 Retweets 183 Quote Tweets 87.2K Likes nonenosome Follow So I had to look this up and was honestly | surprised. In 2008, a colony of bumble bees was discovered on Mount Everest at more than 5,600 metres (18,400 ft) above sea level, the highest known altitude for an insect. In subsequent tests some of the bees were still able to fly in a flight chamber which

    Well. We suppose that it is a good thing to know that there is basically nowhere you can run to hide from bugs. We would say use this fact to impress the ladies and gentladies, but… we think it would be more useful for making all of your enemies sad. Either way, knowledge - yay! 

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    Cat - coolcatgroup An important document unclefather Follow I want him on my desk by tomorrow morning
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    Font - partybarackisinthehousetonight *releases pack of dads into home depot* go...be free hotcommunist invasive species encroach on lesbian territory dreaming-shark This is a common misconception because they're such similar environments, but you should be aware that dads are native to Home Depot, while lesbians are actually native to Lowe's. At this point, however, both dads and lesbians have made themselves at home in both Home Depot and Lowe's to the point that trying to separate them back i
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    Ecoregion - БИП-БИП ВАШ УБЕР ПРИБЫЛ ЧТО ЗА ХЕРНЯ, ОЛЕГ? weirdrussians Translate this meme for me, please. mellophone-memelord Beep beep, you uber has arived. What the fuck, Oleg?
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    Green - royalslimefather S knifemilf Follow marinebiologyshitposts Follow clownfish be like "i know a spot" and take you to a fucking deadly sea organism Ordi Follow This post would’ve been a lot better if you didn't say the f word. Grow up. marinebiologyshitposts Follow yes hello i am very sorry to hear of your lack of satisfaction. if you'll just follow me to the suggestion box its just inside here
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    Font - aisandetsarepeopletoo Apparently Ethiopian Baboons are starting to domesticate wolves, which is giving scientists new insights about what it might have been like when early humans did that. That's cool pretty cool! argumate "not quite as cool as we thought!" scream scientists, as baboons riding wolves come pouring out of the forest
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    Brown - boyswanna-be-her This picture i took of hector while i was drunk last night looks like a damn renaissance painting youremybrandnewday Hector boyswanna-be-her Hector deerthing georges de la tour, la madeleine a la hector, 1640
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    Font - stateofqrace Follow are social medias down again exept for tumblr nutsacktorturer Follow a cockroach will survive a nuclear bomb #Imaoooo 4,300 notes
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    Font - rockboci unidentifiedspoon Follow ... fullmetalfisting Follow Was walking my dog downtown and he stopped to drink from a dog bowl in front of a bar and I was like "Oh, are you a thirsty little boy?" And a grown-ass man sitting there said "i guess I am," as he took a sip of his beer and then he realized I was not talking to him and looked completely horrified retroactivebakeries Follow #id fuck him Source: fullmetalfisting 25,157 notes
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    Organism - mistressdratha Follow literally what is the logic behind naps leaving you with a weird taste in your mouth. i wasnt eating anything i was sleep mistressdratha Follow its the spiders isnt it 22,264 notes
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    Font - Dear Anyone Who Hates Cats elder-kelly: broadwayfangirlblr: My cat literally sleeps next to my face until she thinks I'm asleep and then she'll move to the end of my bed. If I wake up at night she'll go back up to me head and stay with me until I fall asleep again. In the morning she'll follow me when I call her. She's a precious lil nugget. idk it's still a bad musical
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    Product - O subjecttocaprice My mom just sent me this picture of my dog...l guess we got a lot of snow, then subjecttocaprice update:
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    Carnivore - kripke-is-my-king: theenybugg: awwww-cute: The adorable Canadian marble fox I'm stealing this from canada it's canada, if you ask nicely they'll probably just give it to you

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