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Cat Sanctuary On Greek Island

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    On the Greek island of Syros, a couple named Richard and Joan Bowell have dedicated their lives to running sanctuary for stray cats.


    What a beautiful location! This island is clearly a paradise, and the perfect place to build a sanctuary. Major kudos to Richard and Joan Bowell for dedicating their lives to this amazing and super wholesome project. You guys rock!

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    Their cat sanctuary, known as God's Little People Cat Rescue, now houses and cares for tons of cats on the island.

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    "Going to Greece originally on a trip that mixed work with pleasure, the Bowells attended a seminar in the same house where they live now. They later bought the property"


    Imagine going on a work trip to a country, and then once you're there you end up deciding not only to stay there, but to buy property and build a cat sanctuary there to protect all of the stray cats! Really it's an amazing story, truly incredible!

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    According to Richard, "When we moved here, we were aware there was a problem, but we didn't immediately see the depth of it." "There are fifteen thousand cats on the island, they estimate, and there are thousands that haven't been neutered."


    Quotes courtesy of an interview with the Greek Reporter.

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    If this cat sanctuary sounds like a paradise to you, then there are many ways to visit or support the cats there.

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    The sanctuary are always looking for people to adopt stray cats from the island, and to sponsor the costs of caring for the cats.

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    If you would like to inquire about adopting or sponsoring a cat, you can contact the sanctuary on their website

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    If you're already visiting Greece, then you can pay a visit to the island of Syros. There the sanctuary has villas that they rent to tourists to support operational costs, and a cat cafe.

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    It is also possible to volunteer at the sanctuary, but it's not an easy job.

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    The couple recently put out a job offer for someone to live on the Greek island for a year and run the sanctuary for them while they are on sabbatical. They received over 40,000 applications, and the job has now been filled.

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    "Last year, out of the $35,000 spent on the cats, he estimates that $15,000 was spent on veterinary services alone."


    Quote via the Greek Reporter.

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    "The prettiest little Callista"

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    "Off to watch the sunset"


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