Snarky Bakery Owner Loses It After Being Reported For Using 'Illegal Sprinkles'

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    Font - Get Baked ... Oct 3· O Just a quick heads up to let you all know that we're closed tomorrow for the following reasons: 1. Staff training 2. Need to get some other important shit done 3. Everyone's fucking knackered This weekend has been utterly sensational, we've had customer visits from countless cities, sold fuck tonnes of Bruce in various forms, oh and not to mention a lovely visit from Trading Standards on Friday after someone reported us for using what are apparently illegal sprinkle
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    Font - Get Baked Oct 6· Still haven't heard from Trading Standards in regards to the Sprinklegate scandal. Therefore, for now, Raspberry Glazed Cookies are still available. I shall advise you all of the necessary update when it has been received. Until then, please forward any queries to your nearest pie dealership. Sensational regards, Done and done. Hope you fail. Fuck Cher Lloyd. GB 446 38 Comments 3 Shares
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    Font - Most relevant v Author Get Baked The sprinkles are imported from USA and may contain colourings that aren't allowed over here. They're being tested and we will find out next week. I realise how insane this is. Unfortunately, I am only prepared to use them and no others. If I can't use them, I won't use any. I will be on sprinkle strike and won't budge for no man. 1 w Like Reply 123 Sara Louise replied · 5 replies Author Get Baked Anyone who's into sprinkles will know what I'm on about. Sp
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    Font - ... Get Baked 2d · O Sprinklegate Update: It's not good news. We have heard back from Trading Standards, and have been told that we must cease use of our sprinkles with immediate effect. Obviously, we will be following the rules, and removing them as of now. Whilst this might seem like it's not a big deal, it's actually very fucking annoying, as A LOT of people ask for Birthday Bruce's and Rasperry Glazed Donut Cookies are not only our best selling cookie, but they're utterly sensational.
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    Font - I need to think this one over, we will obviously need to make some adjustments to the menu in order to compensate for this truly horrendous ordeal. One option, where the RGDC's are concerned, is to glaze them as normal, but just not use sprinkles. It makes me sick just thinking about it. To whoever reported us to Trading Standards, (Dan?) all I have to say is, dear lord, what a sad little life Jane. My daughter, who is now 7 months, has to live with the fact that daddy can't take her to D
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    Font - Dan Dan 10:46 It's your choice. MY DAUGHTER IS 6 MONTHS OLD TODAY. IF YOU DONT SPEND MONEY IT IS HER THAT WILL SUFFER. Wtf. Fuck you. Having kids doesn't make you entitled to free money. Go beg the government instead of this shit. I may unfollow you for this bullshit Please unfollow us. Thanks. Done and done. Hope you fail
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    Font - Get Baked I get a lot of enjoyment from stuff like this. "I may unfollow you for this bullshit." Oh Dan no. Please. Don't do that. I beg you Dan please, no. I should have replied with, "please don't do that, I have a 6 month old daughter to feed." I actually quite rate him for the "hope you fail" comment, it's vibrant, honest and pretty fruity. However, my favourite part is "done and done" which suggests l'd asked him to carry out two tasks, when in actual fact, I only asked him to carry
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    Wood - Get Baked ... Aug 24 · O This will be milked until Dan's udders are totally empty. .. See More Hi DAN, WE'RE Closed Teday But I THOUGHT ld ASK IF THERE WOuld Be Any WAY you Could Lend Me A TENNER For Some Naspies ? I Asked The GOVERNMENE But They Told Me To FuCk OFF. # DONE AND DONE
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