Adult Swaddling Is The Weirdest Cringeworthy Trend We've Seen Emerge From Tokyo In a Long Time

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    Leg - REUTERS
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    ADULT SWADDLING? Therapists in Japan are wrapping patients just like babies as a way to ease aches and pains. Would you try it?

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    Japanese mothers are wrapping themselves up in cloth to alleviate pain after giving birth.

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    Text - Sarah Giffrow t3 2 29 @SarahGiffrow Feb 9 Currently wearing a onesie and contemplating adult onesies as a form of swaddling.
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    Try "Adult Swaddling", they said. It'll be fun, they said. #swaddling

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    Text - NILSA J. 61 136 @3CityGirlsNYC Jan 30 Adult swaddling popular in Japan to reduce muscle pain? I'm getting anxiety just looking at this!
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    Photograph - Today's Parent@Todaysparent Feb 10 132 13 Is that a burrito? No, that's @leahrumack getting swaddled! Watch our #AdultSwaddling video now:


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