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Doggos Rejecting Mornings And Prioritizing Beauty Sleep

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    Font - Anyone else's dog really not a morning dog? [Discussion] Every morning, I get up, enviously leaving him in bed as I go to work from my computer (work from home). He stays in bed even until after his morning feed at 11am sometimes! Then he'll come out at his leisure, stretch, and ask for his breakfast. What a life. 1.2k 3 285 T, Share Award +

    What a life indeed! Oh, what we wouldn't give to come out of the bedroom at our leisure, enjoy some morning stretches, and then await our breakfast. Sighs. Maybe one day. We'll keep the dream alive.

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    Font - mcac • 5d I had hoped getting a dog would help me get out of bed in the morning and stop oversleeping. Instead I spend my entire morning trying to wake his sleepy butt up so I can take him out to go to the bathroom before I go to work! It feels like trying to get a teenager out of bed for school lol. When my alarm goes off he groans and whines. On my days off I sleep in until he wakes me up to take him outside which is usually around 11 am but sometimes we end up sleeping in until noon or

    Sike! This doggo owner was in for quite the surpirse when his plan to get a dog to control his oversleeping totally backfired. Or did it? Well he's still getting up earlier to make sure the doggo goes out before work hours, so we'd call this at least a partial win.

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    Rectangle - CertifiedBananas • 5d One time I took my golden with me on a jog at 6AM. He hid from me every morning for a week after. Not a morning dog. G Reply 254 + ...

    Not a morning dog. Nope, none of that morning stuff. 

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    Rectangle - SPtotheA • 5d My dog reluctantly gets out of bed, moves to the sofa, and goes back to sleep. Reply 1 690

    It's a ruff life. 

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    Font - EeriePancake · 5d My dog never wants to get up before 11am, he sometimes has his breakfast and then goes back to bed afterwards. Most mornings I make cheese on toast for myself and he will come into the kitchen asking for a piece of cheese. This morning, he didnt get up for his cheese, so i fed it to him in bed. Im a sucker... Love him so much :D 6 Reply 1 102 3 ...
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    Font - Bearpuns67 · 5d My Newfie is like this I find it hilarious. My Shepherd is at my bedside wanting to play my Newfie wants us to go play so she can get her beauty rest 6 Reply 1 60
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    Font - alleysunn · 5d I used to have to uncover then scoop up my pupper and carry him to the door to go out in the morning. Lazy level 1000. He would do his business then go back to sleep on the couch. He finished his journey recently... I would give anything to have to carry him to the door again. Reply 1 89 3 +
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    Font - Velcrawr • 5d I remember worrying l'd never get another lie in once brought my puppy. Now shes an adult and out of the crate, she's a dream in the morning. On SundayI got up at 10, went downstairs, then relaxed on the sofa with my dog snuggled next to me while I had breakfast and drank my coffee. It's so much better than I thought it would be! 6 Reply 1 191 ...
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    Rectangle - BobaFat702· 5d Millie: GSD Mix Mine wakes me up by scratching at the bedroom door to be let out....so she can go downstairs and immediately go back to sleep on the sofa. 4 58 3
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    Font - Remarkable_Budget_80 · 5d My girl is nocturnal - she usually sits out the back verandah all night guarding the house from possums and then wants a walk when I wake up at ~4am. Then when we get home from that walk she goes to bed and cannot be disturbed until noon. G Reply 1 118
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    Font - chihuahuaorrat · 5d Two of mine are like this. I've tried to convince them but they make the walk so awful it's not worth it- lagging behind, stopping, gazing mournfully back the way we came. And then when I try to be motivational it's like they eventually resign themselves to it but refuse to enjoy it so they just walk along halfheartedly, clamped to my heel. Any other time of the day they're raring to go but clearly they're slow risers so l've given up dragging them out in the morning 4
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    Font - ivegivenupimtired · 5d I tried to take my dog out for a nice brisk morning walk at 7am. Called him repeatedly but he just gave me the stink eye from his cozy spot on the couch lol.
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    Font - еууууУАmy467 . 5d Mine tries to keep me in bed with snuggles. When I do get up he's mad about it. I work from home right now, he will lay in his fluffy dog bed near my feet and I have to tuck him in with a blanket. He goes right back to sleep until lunchtime. He's 5 lb toy poodle and a total velcro dog.
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    Font - pretty_things · 5d Vet Student | Iggy/rat-dog/gazelle - Zeus; lanky deerdog... I have 2 dogs, neither are morning dogs. Possibly (probably) because I am very much not a morning person, so I have basically taught them that mornings are slow - I don't feed them right when I get up (specifically to avoid any morning begging, though they've ended up not being dog food beggars), I transition slowly from bed to upright and moving, and they only get a quick bathroom break in the morning rather t
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    Font - LadyVD · 5d Yup. Mine will only sometimes get up to pee. When my alarm goes off. And on rainy days he dsnt get up until almost 1pm! English bulldog owner. My teenage daughter thinks its hilarious- she's up at 5AM to get ready for school and sometimes he wakes up with her but slowly walks into the kitchen with his eyes closed LOL G Reply 1 23 ...

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