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Dog Watching Her Human Play ‘Stray’ Wholesomely Tries to Rescue the Kitten Character on the Screen


A new game came out this year that is bringing together gamers and cat people. (if you weren't already both, that is!) Stray is an adventure game that follows a stray cat trying to find their way home after falling into a weird futuristic dystopia. You get to explore this world full of robots, machines, and mutant bacteria along with your new buddy, a droid called B-12. 


So you basically get to be a cat and it's cool, I swear. 



TikToker Jenn Tenczar was playing the game when she noticed her dog watching the screen as she went along. Eventually, she realized her dog was fully invested in this kitty character she was playing as. The dog would hop up to the screen when the cat could be seen and she would sniff and bark and whine to see her animated friend. 


As videogames do, there are tricky events that can lead to dangerous outcome for the character you're controlling—that's what makes the game fun. At one point the cat is falling into what looks like a dark bottomless pit. You can see the distress in the kitty's animated eyes as they start to lose their grip and meow out for help. Then the cat falls. When this happened, the TikToker's dog leapt from where it was laying and tried to quickly save the cat that had fallen.


“Not all heroes wear capes…”


The absolute most wholesome reaction. This dog was so worried about this little videogame kitty character and so invested that she literally flew off her perch to try and quickly save the kitty from falling. Unfortunately, the dog couldn't save the cat since it is just a character on a screen from a videgame… But, as the human continues playing you this dog is happy to see her kitty friend. 


More Cute Reactions


The TikToker shared a compilation of some more wholesome reactions her dog had to the game and it's adorable. Though, her leaping to save the kitty is the cutest of them all. 


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