I Can Has Cheezburger?

People Share How They Cope With Leaving The House Without Their Pets

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    Font - tiara willis @MakeupForWOC ... Y'all always talking about dogs having separation anxiety but what about ME? What about my separation anxiety from my dog

    We totally know how Tiara feels! Here at I Can Has Cheezburger we love our pets more than anything, so even going a few hours without seeing them feels super hard. But people can do hard things, right? Eh, sometimes we just want to cancel our plans and cuddle with our pets, and that's totally fine! You do you Tiara.

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    Dog - 2EExxotic Vixxen Goddess ... @VixxenGoddess Replying to @MakeupForWOC I cry a lil when I'm away for too long

    Aww, this is so cute! Honestly we would also shed a tear if we had to be separated from the absolutely perfect pupper that she's showing in this awwdorable photo. Just look at his smol tongue sticking out, he's such a paw-fect doggo! We hope she doesn't have to be away from him for very long most of the time.

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    Dog - Dr. Theresa McGinnis ... @tamjdg Replying to @MakeupForWOC Same here. After being together 24/7 it's hard to go to work.
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    Product - Goodnight Love @Scorpiana95 ... Replying to @MakeupForWOC No but seriously though, I get sad when l'm at work and see a cute video of a dog and then start thinking about my dog and how adorable she is. Then I just get upset that l'm not at home with her and then all I want to do is cuddle her
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    Watch - Mulattos Have Mixed Feelings ... @cocokins87 Replying to @MakeupForWOC How am I supposed to ever leave this?!
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    Dog - Mulattos Have Mixed Feelings ... @cocokins87 Replying to @cocokins87 and @MakeupForWOC Or this?! I won't even get started on my cats a
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    Font - Marie Shaw @MarieShaw2021 Replying to @MakeupForWOC 1000000%! Kills me going to work everyday!
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    Photograph - IODOLucky Luciano @berrie52 Replying to @MakeupForWOC I always feel bad for leaving my baby girl at home
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    Cat - Legally Blonde @szlwst Replying to @MakeupForWOC Me w my cat lol
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    Rectangle - Kanika @KanikaNoNumbers Replying to @MakeupForWOC It's a real thing. As fond as I am of travelling, I would video call my furbaby every day when he was around even if I was gone only for a day. Just needed to see his face to find comfort.
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    Comfort - Marie Shaw @MarieShaw2021 Replying to @MarieShaw2021 and @MakeupForWOC Three of the six babies cuddlin' with mommy. My room's a damn mess!
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    Dog - weird MERRY bitch @nancydelfuegoo ... Replying to @MakeupForWOC Srsly . I hate leaving

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