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Twitter Thread: Clifford The Big Red Dog Is Real

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    Dog - dremo @dremoeh wtf i just met clifford

    Awww, this pupper right here looks like a real like version of Clifford the big red dog, just like Twitter pointed out! We've never seen a dog dye his fur before, but hopefully it was done safely and this awwdorable guy is having a blast sporting his new 'dew in public. Such a Ruffin' cutie pie right here!

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    Human body - Demarco. ... @AREKELLYISTRASH Replying to @dremoeh That's a walking hot Cheeto, ain't nothing big about bruh.

    Ok, ok, so this dog might be a bit on the smol and cute side. But big or small, every dog is awwdorable. Can't this rufferic boy just cosplay as Clifford in peace without any comments about his height? Geez, give this good boy a break. In any event, we're so happy that this boy is getting the attention he deserves. 

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    Food - dremo @dremoeh
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    Font - Make It A Nice One @MakeltANiceOne1 Replying to @dremoeh and @RexChapman Looks more like Elmo to me.
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    Dog - Ashley Badgal @Gloria83159265 Replying to @dremoeh Now what middle class family did this person steal this Golden Retriver from??
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    Product - triss @trisskers · Dec 18 ya i love that dog
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    Microphone - Jack, your new pal! ... @buckleyjack Me when I can finally see the Clifford the Big Red Dog film in the cinema
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    Organism - agnes @sinthiagnes Replying to @dremoeh flaming hot golden
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    Dog - Hannah Harkness @Hark_itsHannah Excuse me there is only one Clifford meme Clifford Fucking Launches A Cat
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    Brown - Haggis Bear - Now Officially a World Super Power @digitalsage Red dog vigilance.
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    Font - Beeb V @beebinton Replying to @dremoeh bro that is the cheetos mascot

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