People Are Cosplaying As Extraordinarily Heterosexual Alter-Ego’s In This New Viral Video Trend


What's the best way to hide your queerness from homophobes? Cosplay as a heterosexual stereotype of course!


Recently, there has been a trend mocking any and every stereotype, jokingly stating that “you can’t come over, my parents are homophobic”, and then finding the simplest solution to that problem. First people first show themselves as their true self– glowing, natural, sparkling, and extremely flamboyant. Then they show themselves cosplaying as a friend that a homophobic parent would approve of, which is hilariously unnatural and all too true.  

It’s a reverse-transition trend, if you will.

And what stereotype suits homophobic parents best? The hyper-male man’s man who likes to fish, wears camo, and clearly doesn’t care for fashion. 




Regardless of the real life struggles that some folks have had to go through to survive high school and life living with their parents, this trend has spread like wildfire, making a mockery of the fakeness of the persona many people have to put on when surrounded by family. 


The second fit tho


So if you’ve ever had to cosplay as something you’re not, this trend is for you. 


Everyone knows that American society tends to favor strong, hyper gendered personalities, where women are attractive, soft, and caring, while men are tough, militant, and discerning. Well, that of course is a cookie-cutter mold that pretty much nobody fits into. 


Get you a girl that can do both 🏳️‍🌈


This trend is inoffensive and laughs at issues that are all too real, making it digestible and clearly a silly thing to be laughed about then accepted. The absurdity of most of these transitions is that most everyone looks awkward and uncomfortable in their cosplay. Despite how regular and boring the clothes are in everyone’s second video, they look exactly like what they’re meant to be: a costume. 


Strong personalities are not always looked upon favorably. Anyone who has ever had to shrink their natural vibrancy is familiar with the extreme discomfort and awkwardness of living within an unnatural persona. None are more familiar with this than the LGBTQ+ community.  



Morale of the story is to set yourself free of the dumb, boring costumes of the world, and put on your own natural persona. It suits you better anyways.



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