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Dog Sitter Does Oodles Of Laundry, Conflicted Client Seeks Advice On How To Respond

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    Font - A Posted by u/Krirhu 3 days ago Dog sitter doing oodles of laundry 449 [Discussion]
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    Font - Apologies that this is not directly dog related, but I figured many of us use pet sitters so y'all would have good advice on this situation. I bought a house in November just far enough away that previous pet sitting options wouldn't work this Christmas, so I found a well-reviewed sitter on Rover who I met with and really liked. In both the word doc I left for her and in the walkthrough of my house we never discussed my washer/dryer which are in my garage so I don't think she even saw the

    Interesting, so the washer and dryer were not even revealed during the house tour. This dog sitter would have had to go out of her way to hunt them down when she arrvied at the house for her stay. 

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    Font - Now, I get that needing to pay for laundry sucks, and honestly I wouldn't mind if she'd brought it up with me and did a few loads. However, I have brand spanking new machines that are wifi-enabled and I had set up to ping my phone when a cycle was done, so now I know that in the 3 days she has been in my home she has done 9 loads of laundry, almost all on the 'bedding' setting which is water and heat intensive.

    When staying more than a week in someone else's home on a pet sitting gig, it's perfectly reasonable to ask your host to use their laundry machine. It's the not asking part that just does not sit right with us. 

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    Font - This feels like a frankly insane amount of laundry, and it bugs me that she brought that much with her and never discussed it with me at all. It also makes me really anxious because this is a 70 year old home and I needed the plumbers to make several improvements to get everything functional and the whole system is now under a whole load of stress without me there.
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    Font - The dilemma I have is do I say anything? I'd imagine she has no idea I am aware of all the laundry. Am I making a big fuss over nothing and laundry is just a thing pet sitters are expected to have access to (even at this quantity)? Should I wait to say something until after I'm back home? Should I just let it be and maybe rethink having her back? Please let me know, I've never had wifi machines before so maybe I've just lived in peaceful ignorance and this is the norm.
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    Font - (I have turned the laundry notifications off since this started bugging me, but it is under my skin now so I find myself checking the app at the end of the day so I see the total count.) Edit: thank you all who chimed in, I am going to sign off to enjoy my holiday. I appreciate the range of inputs on this that really goes to show there is no standard approach to house sitting and laundry which means the responsibility was on me to set clear expectations even if I think it is excessive. I
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    Font - redmammaw · 3 days ago You could play dumb and say you just noticed the laundry on your app and "was wondering if the babies had diarrhea or got sick or something with the large quantity". Just act cheerful and normal. She will then know you KNOW if she does laundry. I'm sure she has no W and D and getting her laundry done for free was a perk of this assignment she thought she could sneak in. I'd say she will be embarrassed, not do any more, and won't take it out on the babies. On the one
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    Font - GabeEnix · 3 days ago I disagree with the comment above you. I am where you are, I understand not having laundry appliances. I would let two loads slide if that's all it was. But now that it has become excessive, I would say something. Personally, I wouldn't be seething mad, I would just talk to the sitter cordially and express concern for how much laundry was being done. Just be real. Don't play stupid games to implicitly let them know you know they are using the laundry. It must be an e
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    Font - RedBabySquirrel · 3 days ago· edited 3 days ago Hi there! I used to dog sit through Rover and I find this extremely excessive. The only time I would use my clients washer was if I had an extended sit (7-8 days) and needed work clothes, which was 1 small load. I would also wash my towels and bedding so they wouldn't have to clean up after me when they got back. Depending on how many more days she is staying, I would talk to her. I definitely wouldn't book her again and I'd repot her to Rov
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    Font - acerldd · 3 days ago I'm going to inject a little different angle from many other commenters. Consider this from the sitters perspective. What is going on in her life that puts her in a situation where she needs to behave this way? That doesn't mean I think the behavior is justified. I just mention it so that you soften your response. Given how many days are left, you probably do want to end the laundry behavior while still having your pets cared for properly. So you need to find a way to
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    Font - HopefulTangerine21 · 3 days ago Yeah, that feels weird. I'd wait until you're home and bring it up when you get there. Then just don't hire her again. I also agree that it's something to report to Rover; I've dog sat plenty of times, and typically use the laundry once, to launder the towels and bedding I used so they wouldn't have to. If it's a long stay, I might do a load of work clothes in the middle of it, and maybe a dog blanket or two if they get soiled. But I would also be communica

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    Font - DeadBy2050 · 3 days ago Many of these issues are distinct. It seems you're uncomfortable with her doing the laundry without checking with you first. That's perfectly reasonable. Other replies here have giving you different ways to diplomatically approach this issue. Or just get rid of her. It's up to you. Assuming you have a gas dryer, I'd be very surprised if using your modern washer and dryer for nine loads cost you much more than $10 in utility charges. As far as concerns about your pl

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