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Inside The Wonderful World Of Russian Cat Nicknames

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    Finally, the guide we've been waiting for. In our humble opinion, not enough time is being spent teaching people the words for cat in every foreign language, we for one want to become cat-lingual in every dialect and language!

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    Font - kot - a regular cat koshka - a regular female cat kote (internet slang) - a cute chubby little guy, every single cute cat on the internet kisa - a pretty, flirtatious, graceful, cranky and haughty lady kisunya - an extra pretty, flirtatious, graceful, cranky and haughty lady kis' - just a dork, controlled by aliens kotik - a bit more disney version of a regulat cat koten’ka - cuddly little fella, will purr and knead you to death kotofei - usually a big, old, extra fluffy cat, who knows a

    Hmm, which of these nicknames best describes your cat? We would say koten'ka describes our pet cats the best, or maybe koyandra, but all of these words are super cute and we're going to have to borrow, or more like steal, all of these nicknames to use on our own kitties at home!

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    Font - скисший кисик хаотик котик тёпл... @jellyreapOp Replying to @alexdecampi котейка, китик, кисик, кисёнок, Кисёночек, косенька, кошенька, кошечка, коська, котище Translated from Tatar by Google kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty
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    Rectangle - Alex de Campi ... @alexdecampi I also love that Russians are quote tweeting this like "oh no we have WAY more words for cats than this, here's some of the missing ones.." 99
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    Font - Nickdulis ND @nickdulis Replying to @alexdecampi pretty much every slavic nation has. I was just like: bruh Czechs do have more.
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    Font - tremendous. @arghcanteloupe Replying to @alexdecampi Yeah my russian friend replied "don't get me started on 'kitten'" so I guess this is fractal
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    Font - Котья -о--а @tessa_meow Replying to @LyleD4D @alexdecampi and @sarahdal In Russia we have same set but the label would be скотина шерстяная аnd it's like WOOLEN BASTARD
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    Rectangle - * elio a @derpyminstrel Replying to @alexdecampi ppl are saying it's about half of all the words for a cat in russian but in reality the possibilities are endless bc we have a ton of plug'n'play affixes and prefixes for every imaginable situation
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    Rectangle - Tlacuatzin @caligulamp Replying to @derpyminstrel and @alexdecampi my cat is an extremely fat cranky old lady what should i call her Liz Henry @lizhenry We have to see the head shape to know
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    Cat - Shamefaced Crab @opossumcat Replying to @alexdecampi My housemates have a very grumpy old lady with the roundest head you've ever seen and the flattest face without being an actually squished face cat. I've just been calling her grandma and babushka, what should she be called? Very important, I need to show her the proper respect. 45 Your home for
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    Rectangle - попорвач @htweving Replying to @opossumcat and @alexdecampi I call every old female cat Crapywka (starushka). You can adress not only a cat old lady with this, but even a human one in a cute way. Also, if your cat have nice big cheeks, l'd call her WekaHka (shchekanka). This name comes from the word щека (cheek).
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    Product - Сережа ждет Имболк @rz00ms Replying to @alexdecampi Кот кошак котофей а также Translated from Russian by Google cat cat cat and byb СЪУКА
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    Photograph - poly styrene did it first @icteridcorvid ... Replying to @alexdecampi and @fullmewtal russians what would you call her. i think she has the personality of a kuca but the physique of a koTApa
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    Rectangle - Evgeniya Seminenko @heathwindart Replying to @icteridcorvid @alexdecampi and @fullmewtal I am suggesting my favourite - kisyandra "kis'andrah". Kinda flirty but also soft and floofy.

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