Funny Tales That Prove Students Will Roast Teachers For Absolutely Anything

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    Organism - Jason Hylland @CoachHylland ... Replying to @jkirk__ I shaved my head over the weekend. A student told me that I looked so bald that if anyone rubbed my head, they would see their future. 4:31 PM · 2/7/22 · Twitter Web App 335 Retweets 46 Quote Tweets 15K Likes

    User @CoachHylland was just one character who bore the brunt of being made fun of for his baldness. A cheap shot, to be sure. 

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    Font - ramz ... @ramzreboot Replying to @jkirk i can't find it but i saw a tiktok of a teacher who gave his students a worksheet on their tablets and walked by one kid watching anime porn and said “are you watching anime porn" he didn't even try to hide it, he said "it's called hentai you virgin" and the whole class laugh 1:37 PM · 2/8/22 · Twitter for iPhone 286 Retweets 96 Quote Tweets 8,560 Likes

    How is a kid gonna watch porn in class and then get the last word? This teacher was clearly intimidated. 

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    Font - ma+hteacher ... @HteacherMa Replying to @jkirk "What's wrong with you today? You look sick' -7th graders to me when I didn't wear make up 7:52 PM · 2/7/22 · Twitter for iPhone 96 Retweets 16 Quote Tweets 6,248 Likes

    The "you look sick" comment almost always stings, but it hits different coming from the youth. 

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    Chin - ma+hteacher ... @HteacherMa Me to class: and l'll be out later this year on maternity leave 7th grade student: I KNEW IT! I told ya'all she wasn't just getting fatť GIF 7:54 PM 2/7/22 · Twitter for iPhone 239 Retweets 26 Quote Tweets 9,771 Likes

    Always great to learn that your weight is being scrutinized  behind your back. At least this teacher had defenders. 

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    Font - Jonathan Brown ... @JonPraxis Replying to @jkirk_ You gotta clown them back proportionately. I do that to my players (I coach HS football). My going thing is: "that's funny, you know my rule you aren't allowed to make jokes unless your GPA is higher than gas prices." They start doing math, and realize they should but - chill lol 6:33 PM · 2/7/22 · Twitter for iPhone 189 Retweets 16 Quote Tweets 11K Likes

    While some teachers just laughed away the pain, this user (@JonPraxis) explained that you have to clown the sassy teens right back.

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    Font - Frank Huerta @ircguru04 Replying to @jkirk My wife's a school psych, one day I texted wife, "| am ok, car knocked me off my bike on my way to the office." My wife was meeting with a students and said oh my god my %3D husband got hit by a car while riding his bike. Student says, "Miss, why can't your husband afford a car?" 7:41 PM · 2/7/22 · Twitter for Android 583 Retweets 101 Quote Tweets 26.1K Likes

    Time to teach the students about carbon emissions and how riding a bike is good exercise. 

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    Font - Jessica Kirkland ... @jkirk_ Last week I was having what I thought was a visibly obvious bad hair day. I said "ugh I tried a new shampoo and my hair looks like crap today." One kid goes "you look exactly the same." Haunting 3:22 AM · 2/8/22 · Twitter for iPhone 109 Retweets 40 Quote Tweets 5,072 Likes

    I don't know if that kid knows what he did. But it was cruel.

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    Font - Kit @maestroplays Replying to @jkirk I remember junior year of HS a friend told me she was sitting in the school library looking something up in an encyclopedia, when a group of sophomore boys walked by her and yelled, "SHE'S a REEEADERR!!" followed by cackling. So. Yep. 12:10 PM · 2/8/22 · Twitter for Android 41 Retweets 11 Quote Tweets 2,463 Likes

    This is almost as bad as getting roasted for drinking water. "Oh no, I'm using my brain!"

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    Font - Mohammad Jehad Ahmad olez us @MoMisteries Replying to @jkirk_ I was eating an apple, AN APPLE, and a girl said “damn mister, you hungry?" And her whole group laughed. Yeah, I was hungry lol 4:29 AM · 2/8/22 · Twitter for iPhone 98 Retweets 20 Quote Tweets 6,859 Likes

    Good thing he wasn't drinking water, too. God forbid he's hungry and thirsty. 

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    Jaw - Jessica Kirkland ... @jkirk_ i know you've never eaten an apple un-self-consciously since 6:05 AM · 2/8/22 · Twitter for iPhone 9 Retweets 4,521 Likes
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    Font - Mary Quillin M. Ed-Special Ed. @QuillinMary ... Replying to @jkirk_ Take as a compliment. HS students completely ignore adults they don't like. 8:28 PM · 2/7/22 · Twitter for iPhone 39 Retweets 7 Quote Tweets 4,279 Likes

    This user (@QuillinMary) provided people with the reminder that HS students ignore adults they don't like. I can say with certainty while that is occasionally true, my friends roasted their least favorite teacher with great enthusiasm. Sorry, Mr. Halperin. You deserved better. 

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    Organism - Jill Elaine Roberts @jllyrob2 Replying to @jkirk_ I dropped a couple of almonds and said “Dang it. I dropped my nuts. WRONG THING to say in front of 5th graders. 99 7:08 PM · 2/7/22 · Twitter for iPhone 74 Retweets 13 Quote Tweets 3,738 Likes
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    Font - Susan Pagano @smdap We had a bag of playground toys for each class. When it was time to come in I proceeded to yell across the field "I expect each of you to be holding a ball". Thank goodness they were first graders. 9:44 PM · 2/7/22 · Twitter for iPhone 1 Retweet 843 Likes
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    Font - Megan Westra @mwestramke ... Replying to @jkirk_ I have a box for questions (in case we have spare time at the end of class and the kids want to ask random stuff within the subject I teach). Today I pulled a question from the box: “are the houseplants in the classroom supposed to look dead like this?" I teach ethics. 10:10 PM - 2/7/22 · Twitter Web App 91 Retweets 6 Quote Tweets 4,646 Likes
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    Font - Meg @megeliz83 ... Replying to @jkirk_ and @tressiemcphd One time my hs students spent a whole week losing it after seeing me drink a small bottle of milk at my desk. A week. They kept bringing it back up day after day and dying laughing. 7:17 PM · 2/7/22 · Twitter for iPhone 30 Retweets 11 Quote Tweets 2,324 Likes
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    Font - Kristen in Black @kris10sthoughts Replying to @jkirk_ My HS Spanish teacher allowed her BF to pick her up RIGHT after school one day. We NEVER let her hear the Next day we didn't learn a lick of Spanish. Whole class was being hella nosy asking: Who is he? Who are his people? What does end of it. he do? What are his intentions? 12:29 PM · 2/8/22 · Twitter for iPad 16 Retweets 4 Quote Tweets 1,203 Likes
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    Font - Jake Jenkins ... @jmjenkins13 Replying to @jkirk_ I wear ties every day, many of them bad 90s ties. I wore an extra bad one student teaching, my 8th graders took a poll and voted it the ugliest tie l've worn and then tried a school wide poll. They got the principal involved and she presented me with a certificate for ugliest tie 11:50 AM 2/8/22 · Twitter for iPhone 60 Retweets 8 Quote Tweets 3,376 Likes
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    Font - JB ... @JBfromMN Replying to @jkirk_ and @jumping_jaxx When I was a TA a few years back... 5th grader: Dang Mr. Ballard. How tall are you? Me: 6'5" Him: Do you know how to play basketball? Me: Yea, I know how to play really well. Him: I'm going to write a book about how you didn't make it to the NBA and now you're a TA. 7:50 PM 2/8/22 · Twitter for Android 20 Retweets 7 Quote Tweets 555 Likes
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    Font - JB ... @JBfromMN Me: What? Him: Yea, but I'm going to change the names so I don't have to pay you when the book blows up. Me: 9 7:52 PM · 2/8/22 · Twitter for Android 7 Retweets 2 Quote Tweets 401 Likes
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    Joint - Jeremy Silva @JBfromMN ... Replying to @jkirk_ hey yo this mfka staying hydrated Imfaooo 1:15 PM - 2/8/22 · Twitter for iPhone 45 Retweets 1Quote Tweet 2,103 Likes


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