8 Times Live TV Monumentally Failed and Made Things Wonderfully Awkward

  • 1

    The original fresh fail from the Academy Awards last night, starring Warren Beatty himself:

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  • 2

    High marks for the way others handled this shit-coated situation:

  • 3

    The iconic, cringe-inducing Steve Harvey Miss Universe Flop:

  • 4

    That moment when stomping grapes leads to a hospital visit

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  • 5

    That time the chair clocked out early:

  • 6

    And BOOM goes the dynamite!

  • 7

    Ashlee Simpson's infamous SNL Jig

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  • 8

    The supremely stealthy dildo

  • 9

    When Joe Namath was a thirsty boozehound that wanted, need a kiss

  • 10

    The vibrating toothbrush that ended up looking like a BJ


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