Explained: Twenty-One Strange Dog Behaviors (Video)

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Dogs are silly animals who tend to do a lot of weird things that make you stop and ask yourself, "what the heck is that dog doing?"

Well, the kind team of Jaw-Dropping Facts has put together this video that may help you better understand your favorite furry friend. And if not, we just have to accept that some doggo traits will always remain a mystery to us. 

Otherwise, you might learn something you didn't even know! For example, whenever a dog yawns, you would assume they're sleepy, right? We sure would. However, according to this video, dogs tend to yawn when they are feeling anxious, such as being in a new environment, or being around other dogs they do not know. Yawning is often seen in puppies when they're surrounded by other pups. 

Pretty interesting! 

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