Northeast Grocery Stores Got Torn a New One Thanks to Snowstorm Stella

STELLA! STEEEEEELLA! Do we have enough milk and eggs for the snowstorm?

A familiar refrain in households across the north east this week as people brace themselves for snowstorm Stella.

I think you know where this is going, but supermarkets stores were mobbed with people who desperately needed to make french toast this week. Customers were like a pack of ravenous wolves trying get milk, eggs, and bread — whatever to keep them alive for the next three days. 

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    No better place to get snowed in.

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    Snowstorm Stop and Shop

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    Who knows how long we'll be inside???

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    You have to carbo load for the storm.

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    There was a problem rendering this tweet - it may have been deleted.

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    F this.

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    Some people had the right idea.

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    Will there be any bread left for you?

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