Today in Facepalm: The White House Doesn't Know How To Spell White House

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fail trump misspells house
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I'm just going to surgically graft my hand to my forehead. 

Despite the fact that the WHITE HOUSE and the people inside the WHITE HOUSE have the power to strip you of your healthcare, citizenship, and basic human rights, they cannot spell for shit. 

Trump's WHITE HOUSE is currently asking citizens for their Obamacare horror stories, in which they're hoping to get a couple of juicy ghost stories to finally get voters onboard with the idea of giving up their cheap insurance. However, in their infinite wisdom, the Trump WHITE HOUSE mispelled WHITE HOUSE, the place where the president lives. 

via @amandalitman

Jesus Christ. 

This is on top of a month when the America's Department of Education misspelled W.E.B Du Bois' name, Trump spent a solid couple minutes attempting to type "hereby," and the President accusing a former President of wiretapping but not knowing how to spell "tap."

Jesus Christ. 

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