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Born in 1627, Doesn’t Look A Day Over 200 Years Old: The Greenland Shark

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    Going Bananas for the Lovely Lady

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    Move out of the way Jaws, there's a new fan favorite in town and she has seduced us all with her beautiful void stricken, parasite accompanied eyes. 


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    A Look Into the Abyss

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    The gorgeous gal and many other Greenland sharks allow a certain parasite to latch onto their eyes, raise a family, build a house, send their kids to college, and stay well fed thanks to the incomparable rent prices on the sleeper sharks eyes. 


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    Slow and Steady Wins the Race

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    Exceptional House Pets

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    Some Healthy Shark Internet Rivalry

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    Say Cheese!

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    If These Fins Could Talk

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    Grandma Shark Doo Doo

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    Greenland Shark Fan Art

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    Greenland Comic Strips

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