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12 Dashing Doggos Pose For Their Post Groomer Selfies With Their New Hairdos

  • 1

    "When you let the apprentice go wild"


    Before everyone comes for us, we want to state that the OP said no human hair dye was used and everything was dog friendly. May not be everyone's cup of tea, but this doggo right here clearly loves it and that's all that matters! 

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  • 2

    "Wally good morning smiles"


    Now this one right here, he killed us. He's clearly not the biggest fan of the groomer, would much rather let it grow out and go ?natural? But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. We just can't stop imagining the amount of attitude he gave the groomer after all that, lol ops. 

  • 3

    "The promised husky x poodle"

    Dog - SOLB DRAWER LOAD RATING barely b your own
  • 4

    "Katsu. My favorite groom I’ve done."

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  • 5

    "The gorgeous Bichon that never lets me get a good picture of him after his haircut!"

    Dog - ust what we ovel SEAS BALST GEALF PAUGER MICHAUX
  • 6

    "Owners didn't like her face but i love it"

  • 7

    "My favorite old man"

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  • 8

    "Just a little before and after on Gabi the Pom."

    Dog - 10 PET BEDS
  • 9

    "It's been a while since I've had a satisfying groom"

  • 10

    "Today Luna had her first grooming experience (puppy groom)! They said she was petrified of the blow dryer…"

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  • 11

    "Say hello to Mr. Chow!"

  • 12

    "I felt compelled to take a picture of this cutie while I was grooming her, and I got a mid jump pic"


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