'What makes them think a MOUTH is an efficient way to clean?:' Mom Smears Spit on Family Member's Face After They Called Her Dramatic for Not Allowing Them to Share a Spoon with Baby


Whether you're a new mom or a mom on baby number whatever, family members will still come at you left and right to tell you how to mother. It's like they can't help themselves. Taking the unsolicited advice is already annoying, but most of the time you just say thank you for the advice and move on. But every now and then there is that family member who thinks they can parent YOUR child better than you. That is where the line is drawn, the straw breaks the camel's back, the stone that hit two birds comes to hit you back or whatever the sayings are. Basically, what we're saying is that it's ok to get upset about this. 

Recently, a mama on TikTok posted a video showing what her reaction would be if this happened to her. A family member is just casually feeding your baby and they're thinking they're doing a great job and being so helpful. But then you see them take a bite of the food with the spoon they're using to feed the baby. Sure, it seems like it's not that big of a deal, but did you know that you could be passing all kinds of germs on to the baby like cold sores and cavities?? Yes, cavities are contagious. 

So mama took action. She kindly told the family member to use a new spoon and handed her one. When her family member begrudgingly agreed but called her dramatic for it, she decided to see just how dramatic she was being. So she stuck her finger in her own mouth and then smeared it on the face of the family member. 


Of course the family member freaks out at that because ew! Gross! What a hypocrite. Sometimes people forget that babies are also, well… human! They too can get sick from swapping spit with other people. You wouldn't want to share a used spoon with some other adult who you have no idea what they have had in their mouth. Why would you think that's ok to do with a baby? Soap and sanitizing products, people. Heck, even just boiling water is fine. Spit is NOT a cleaning product, Karen… 

Watch the video below:


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