21 Funny Memes to Ease You Into Tuesday

  • 1
    Tuesday Meme of Brendon Chaney, a kid who admits he threw a pinecone
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  • 2
    Tuesday meme of a dude posing with his hand up next to the leaning tower of Pisa because everyone else was doing so
  • 3
    Must be Tuesday, meme of Casio calculator VS Android and the answer to simply math question is totally different.
  • 4
    Beyonce meme about having so much to do but doing nothing at all.
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  • 5
    Someone joking that he kicked the kids out into the rain because of the new law against smoking with them inside.
  • 6
    Kid already in 3017 with a pool made out of hose and some tarp on his balcony
  • 7
    Meme about having the hobby of arguing with anybody about anything
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  • 8
    Professor who put link to final exam questions but it was link to Youtube Rick rolling
  • 9
    Meme about doing the dishes for mom and then requesting you put them away is a premium feature
  • 10
    Leonardo DiCaprio meme about how it feels when you didn't prepare for the exam and left it all till the night before.
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  • 11
    Drake meme about realizing the floor isn't lava, but he is the floor, always getting walked on.
  • 12
    Meme about facetiming a girl who is cute and she starts doing satanic rituals
  • 13
    Meme about the floor being something women lack, recognizing when you're wrong and apologizing.
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  • 14
    Sponebob meme about minecraft being all guys.
  • 15
    Meme about girl who had lettuce on her head and said she had a Boyfriend when trying to tell her.
  • 16
    ipad that is on a leather car seat cover, very hard to find
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  • 17
    Hide the Hurt Harold smiling, but he got that fist clenched at his side.
  • 18
    Cake that says HAVE DAY, they forgot to mention nice or good.
  • 19
    Kim Kardashian meme about realizing certain truths about being an adult
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  • 20
    Funny picture fram daughter made for her dad who is a medic
  • 21
    Meme about weekend plans and a story of a man in a coma from eating to many chicken tenders

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