Friendly Chipmunks Fiercely Besiege A Pot Of Strawberries (Video)

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Some of the teeniest tiniest animals out there will surprise you by just how fierce they can be. For example, did you know that the smallest wild cat in America is the cat with the higher kill success rate? Yeah, tiny doesn't mean not lethal. 

We bet you didn't think that chipmunks belonged to this group of animals, but oh, these itty bitty chipmunks are about to prove you wrong. They have taken it upon themselves to have a battle with un unspeakably terrifying enemy - a strawberry pot. Yeah, we're not kidding. They laid siege to those strawberries and battled them to the very end. Thankfully, the chipmunks won, but the strawberries definitely put up a fight. It was almost as intense of a fight as the one between the ferocious baby jaguar against its momma's ear

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