20 Confessions From the World of Summer School

  • 1
    Teacher on Whisper ranting about how she hates summer school
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  • 2
    Teacher celebrating the freedom of summer school being over.
  • 3
    Whisper of teacher confessing that while in summer school, she uses the wifi to illegally download tv show episodes
  • 4
    Big brother who took out the little brother on the day he got suspended for defending himself in a fight.
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  • 5
    Roommate that is going to Gatorade shower his friend when he gets back from summer school finals today.
  • 6
    Someone who is teaching English in Spain instead of summer school to get her degree faster.
  • 7
    Girl who turned down a date thinking the guy was asking if she wanted to do drugs.
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  • 8
    Summer school confessions
  • 9
    Girl who got her period on the first day of Summer school and was all embarrassed.
  • 10
    Whisper concession of someone who smoked weed all during summer school and got As in all his classes.
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  • 11
    Confession of someone who got kicked out of summer school.
  • 12
    Someone who has summer school and hasn't told him mom yet.
  • 13
    Someone who has a crush on their summer school teacher
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  • 14
    Someone who had sex with summer school teacher to go on tour
  • 15
    Teacher who busted someone doodling in summer school and entered his work in a county art show
  • 16
    Whisper confession that dog ate all his summer school homework
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  • 17
    Someone who came out to his summer school teacher and not his family
  • 18
    Kid who cheated on all his classes to get better grades.
  • 19
    whisper confession of someone who quite summer school because of bullying.
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  • 20
    Teacher who learned calculus the night before starting to teach a class in it.


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