I Can Has Cheezburger?

Cats Mimicking Men Modeling

  • 1

    Double Trouble

    Two male models walking side by side with similar picture with black cats, one with open mouth reaction
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  • 2

    My Chair

    Male model on the arm chair and cat of similar posture also on an arm chair.
  • 3

    It's all in the mustache

    Male model with a mustache and cat withe a mustache - who wore it better?
  • 4

    Looking into the horizon

    Male model in underwear overlooking the water and cat doing the same thing, with similar body posture and language.
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  • 5

    Whose the better bat?

    Male model wearing wearing Batman mask, cape and underpants, and cat wearing similar Batman attire.
  • 6

    Rawr! Fierce

    Very scruffy and hairy male model and cat wearing a faux lions mane.
  • 7

    Just hanging my clean undies, go on and take a pic

    Male model hanging up his laundry and cat doing similar activity.
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  • 8

    Show Me Those TEETH

    Male model smiling with elongated canines, and cat showing same smile.
  • 9

    Just stretching

    Male model and cat both with arms over their head and leaning to the side
  • 10

    Oh, I'm so shy..hehe

    facepalm male model and cat
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  • 11

    Winter is upon us

    male model man and cat wearing hoodies
  • 12

    Do you love me because I'm beautiful?

    Man and cat posing with finger in mouth
  • 13

    Cat-fu is a special skill set

    Robert Downey Jr. doing a karate pose and a cat doing a catate pose
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  • 14

    Who is this handsome creature staring right back at me!

    Cheezburger Image 9054910976
  • 15

    Oh water!

    male model and cat under a shower
  • 16


    man drinking from juice box and cat drinking from soda cup
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  • 17

    Oh no! That's too much of a compliment

    Tattooed man and cat both doing the face palm


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