20 People Confess Why They Don't Believe Climate Change is Real

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    Water - The climate is constantly changing and has always been changing. We cant changet Globalwarming is a myeh
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    Text - Global warming is a hoax E's unpopular to say that in CT but snowflakes need to wake up & stopspreading lies about polar bears&Al Gore's science Fiction. There is no REAL proof of man-made GW.
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    Text - People Chink fust because l dont believe in 'global warming that it must mean l dont believe in cleaning up the planet, That's very far from the truth II
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    Text - I dont believe in global warning. lust think it's the natural cycle of the earth
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    Text - Global warming isnt real The world as a whole is not necessarily getting warmer. Global climate change, on the other hand, is definitely real and we should all be worried.
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    Cartoon - The climate changes all the time,natural You cant disprove that Globalwarming is hot happening and co2 does not cause warming NASA data Supports that
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    Text - How is the narrative of man caused global warming stil believed by anyone???AlGore is apke.polar ice at record levels, no significant warming in /years, and basic math debunks the entire idea!
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    Text - Im Canadian and I dont believe in global warming. l think Americans made it up to make money off it
  • 9
    Line - Global warming isnt REAL it is a lie propagated by activists
  • 10
    Text - Global warming is a natural OCcurrence I dont recall hearing about the dinosaurs riding around in dino cars causing global warming but it stil happened
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  • 11
    Text - Human caused climate change is a myth The planets cimate has always Fluctuated
  • 12
    Text - Man made global warming isnt real.But the earth does go through cycles Any Pool can stick his head out the window and feel climate change. Whether ar not it's man made ts the real question
  • 13
    Text - I havert really notced a change in weather I still seethe 4 seasons as lalways have Every year is little different but everything eventualy cycles back. I dont see global warming as a threat
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  • 14
    Text - Ive read reports by credible sclentists that debunk global warming.think it'sa theory that has been extrapolated by businesses and the government to make money
  • 15
    Ice cream cone - Cimate change and global warming are fake.
  • 16
    Text - I dont believe in global warming. F the earth is getting warmer then why is it snowing?
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    Text - I think the change in temperature is normal. t's natural for the climateto go up and down I dont think humans realy have an impact on global warming
  • 19
    Text - I don't realy believe the evidence far global warming thirk we've only been looking at it for short time and there's too many unknown variables. Time will eventually tel usfit's true though
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  • 20
    Blue - Global warming is a myth. The earth has been changing For the billion of years it has existed.


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