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The Royal Corgi Breed is in Danger of Disappearing

  • 1

    They're excellent musicians

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  • 2

    And natural Born Athletes

    Awesome slow motion GIF of a Corgi catching a snow chunk in mid-air.
  • 3

    Fearless adventurers

    Awesomeness GIF of a Corgi dog leaping into the air to dive into a lake.
  • 4

    If you don't like Veggies, corgis are here to help

    gif of corgi fighting the lettuce
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  • 5

    Tired of playing fetch? Corgi doesn't mind

    Corgi gif of sleep surrender - dog runs with ball and then crash lands on the floor, motionless.
  • 6

    The world should not be deprived of corgi culture

    Drawing - SENORGIF COM
  • 7

    They're floppy!

    Funny passed out Corgi GIF from eating too much lettuce earlier.
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  • 8

    Stranded in the woods? Your corgi can fish!

  • 9

    Massive winter blizzards are snow problem for corgis

    Geological phenomenon - SENORGIF.COM,
  • 10

    I don't want to live in a world without corgi stomps



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