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6 of the Best Superhero Relationships

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    Apollo and The Midnighter

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    These two maybe the ultimate power couple. Apollo being an analogue for Superman, and the Midnighter sort of a mashup between Batman and The Shadow, these two are pretty much the pinnacle of a power couple. But, the power doesn't make it any less adorable. These two can turn violence into the cutest of family affairs.
    Plus it scratches that itch of Batman and Superman hooking up, and that's an itch that's been itching for a long time.
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    Hawkman & Hawkgirl

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    Here I'm referring to Carter Hall and Shiera Sanders. These two have been a hell of a couple and probably had one of the most fulfilling marriages until their soulless son was born, (what are you going to do?)
    The only downside is that they're just fated to be together, one incarnation after another. Over and over, throughout time. That sort of takes the magic of "finding that special someone" away. Still, they both are great at kicking ass and taking names. I mean, who doesn't like watching this couple beat the hell out of things with their maces?
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    Cyclops & Jean Grey

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    A classic love triangle that didn't end so well for Wolverine. Still these two had a love that just couldn't quit. And as much as a boy scout as Cyclops is, I was happy to see him get the girl in the end.
    Wolverine on the other hand plays much better as a lone wolf, really can you see him as a family man?
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    Superman & Lois

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    Sure, Superman maybe with Wonder Woman in the new 52, but c'mon, this is classic comic book love.
    For a lot of us, it was the first super relationship we were even aware of, and just for the sake of it's longevity it finds a place in our hearts.
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    Rogue & Gambit

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    Admit it, once Professor X fixed Rogue's powers so she didn't kill people on contact you cheered. You cheered because you knew Gambit and Rogue could finally have some sweet sexy times.
    The entire time we've been reading X-Men comics we wanted to see these two wrestle beneath the sheets. And, I'm willing to bet that because of their accents we wouldn't understand a word of their pillow talk.
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    Green Arrow & Black Canary

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    I'll be honest, this is at #1 because it's my personal favorite. Black Canary and the Green Lantern were a fun-loving, adorable, and downright badass couple. They were in the sort of relationship I aspire to have.
    You want to see them together, simply because it's so damn fun. They had that equal partnership that makes for the most rewarding of relationships, they always had one another's back, and no matter how bad things got, they always talked it out.
    That's love right there.


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