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10 Things Human Do That Cats Dislike

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    Not giving them a comfortable place to relieve themselves.

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    We all know that cats are picky creatures, and this extends to their litter box preferences. As a general rule, there should be one litter box for each cat in the house, plus an extra one. They should be cleaned daily, but your kitty may prefer that it's scooped more often than that. 

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    Making loud noises

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    With their strong senses, cats cat be skittish, especially when it comes to loud noises. Shouting, banging, or slamming — even if it's not directed at them — is sure to send your kitty into a tailspin.

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    Scolding them

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    While you may want to train your cat to do or not do something, yelling at him, pointing, or forcing him to do something will not work. Scolding cats only leaves them feeling confused and scared. Try gentle guidance and rewarding good behaviors, instead.

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    Ignoring odd behavior

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    By nature, cats disguise their pain, so it's up to us to detect when something isn't right. You know your cat best, so if you notice any strange behaviors, like persistent scratching, frequent / infrequent trips to the litter box, or lack of grooming, make sure to have her checked out by your vet

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    Giving them a water bowl they don’t like using

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    It's important that all creatures stay hydrated, but your cat may be deterred from drinking his water simply because he doesn't like his bowl! While it's okay to give kitty some sips from the faucet, he should always have access to a water source that he's comfortable using

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    Teasing Them

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    This is a given, but cat owners should make extra sure that their kitty's space is being respected when there are guests around. Poking, pulling, chasing, or sudden movements will make any cat feel scared and unsafe.

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    Declawing them

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    This procedure, which is simply a convenience for owners, can wreak havoc on your cat. Animal lovers have become more aware that declawing is an actual bone amputation, not just a removal of the claw. It can cause your kitty long-term pain, as well as leave her feeling defenseless and more vulnerable. This can lead to increased aggression, and it really poses a problem for cats who end up outdoors with no defenses.

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    Dressing them up

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    Cats have strong instincts that give them lots of similarities to their wildcat ancestors – it's one of the things we love about them! That's why putting a "cute" outfit on your kitty will most likely make her agitated. Clothing can make cats feel restrained and hinder their agility, plus they don't like being ogled or laughed at.

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    Ignoring their grooming needs

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    While your cat does a pretty good job grooming herself, sometimes she needs a hand. She may not like baths, nail trims, or getting brushed (or maybe she loves it!), but what she dislikes even more is being unkempt. Knotted hair can cause painful mats, long nails can snag, and fleas and ticks are no fun for anyone! Grooming is one exception where it's worth doing something they may not love for the benefit of their overall wellbeing.

  • 10

    Not respecting their space

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    Every cat should have a "safe space" where he can retreat, whether it's a room, a kennel, a perch, or a cardboard box. By respecting your kitty's wishes when he wants to be alone, he will feel safe and loved. Cats should never be forced into interaction – it will only backfire.


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