Dad Of The Year Uses Philly Cheesesteaks To Measure His Son's Growth

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    Product - AP AP Eastern US @APEastRegion Follow Kid, wit: Philly dad comes up with new use for the city's signature cheesesteak measuring his growing baby. Story: YEAR
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    Product - ABC News abc Follow NEWS @ABC Philly dad uses cheesesteaks to measure his infant son every month for baby's first year. ESTES ON HMONTHS A WARNING
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    Text - ution i 15 150 Evan Herman @EvanMHerman 22h Replying to @williamsba@phillydotcom My girlfriend just showed this to me not knowing it was you. My response "YO IT'S BRAD! That is amazing..."
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    Brad is the real MVP, for sure!

    Text - t3 60 Brad Williams @williamsba 20h Replying to @EvanM Herman @phillydotcom Lol that's great!
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    Text - 146 Rory McGlasson @rorymcglasson 21h Replying to @FarFarrAway Parent of the year? That's just whizful thinking.
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    Text - t 1 70 Brad Williams @williamsba 18h Replying to @rorymcglasson @FarFarrAway We found the dad joke lol!
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    Text - Jessica Beym @jessbeym 19h ti 7 88 Genius. I could have tracked my pregnancy with cheesesteaks Ate 13 of them during our "cheesesteak showdown" on @njdotcom when I was pregnant with my son
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    Text - 54 t 4 Konstantin Obenland @obenland 5h Replying to@williamsba @phillydotcom Brad, you made it all the way to Germany!
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    Text - ti 1 61 Brad Williams @williamsba 5h Replying to @obenland @phillydotcom Lucas, das Sandwich-Baby! Imao!
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    Text - 80 Brad Williams @williamsba 6h Well that escalated quickly #cheesesteakforscale


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