Pregnant Woman Loves Taco Bell So Much, She Decided To Shoot Her Maternity Photos There

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    Kristin wrote in a post on her blog Strollersand Stilettos, about how she loves maternity photoshoots, "You know, the ones with the mom-to-be looking so glamorous and ethereal, standing majestically on a mountain in a flowing gown, or on the beach with an awe-inspiring sunset in the background." 

    But, when it came to her own shoot, she wanted to do something "a little different," she wrote, and "spicier."

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    She nailed it!

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    Writing, "After spending as much time and money at Taco Bell as I have during this pregnancy, I knew it was the place for me." She told CafeMom. "I have always loved Taco Bell but have craved it so much, especially the last few months. My husband also equally likes it so it was always a win for us both!"

    Super cute! 

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    Just look how amazing they turned out!

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    Kristin announced that she gave birth to her second child on Friday, January 5th! 


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