I Can Has Cheezburger?

Missing Dog Went On A Mission To Rescue Another Missing Dog

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    When Louie did come home...

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    His humans were extrememly worried even after he had returned. "He looked so exhausted, and had basically just collapsed," Marolyn Diver, the daughter of Louie's owners told The Dodo. "We were concerned someone might have hurt him."

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    Little did they know...

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    Louie was the hero of the day. They saw that a note was attached to her collar which explained her absence for the day.

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    The note...

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     "Louie is the hero of the day," it read. "He led me to Maddy in distress stuck under a branch pile. Cheers, Rob."

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    Who is Rob and Maddy?

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    Rob is a farmer who lives nearby and Maddy is his dog. According to Rob, he hadn't been able to find Maddy that day as he headed off to town. (Scary!) When he returned, he saw Louie was there and insisted on being followed. 

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    The story...

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    "Rob said he was 100 percent sure that Louie knew what he was doing, and getting Rob to Maddy was his one pure focus," Marolyn said. "Once he found her, Louie helped Rob dig her out, pulling at branches, digging out the ground. Rob said the second she was free both dogs ran to a nearby pond and jumped into it exhausted and drinking water. He then gave Louie a huge handful of dog biscuits as a thank you. He knew Louie might get in trouble for being late home, so he thought he would write a small note to explain his absence."

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    Louie the Hero!

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    Thanks to Louie's quick thinking and actions Maddy is all good and well! 


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