Duolingo Has Become Completely Unhinged on TikTok, They're the Unexpected Kings of this Silly Little App


Who would've thought an app created to help people learn a new language would be so hip to the trends on a Gen Z social media app. TikTok has become the outlet for Duolingo's true chaotic character to shine. The apps mascot, a round green owl, participates in all the viral trends, boldly pokes fun at itself and the company, and has gathered over two million followers. 


This silly little owl is creating viral content after viral content with videos that are usually less than 10 seconds long. Currently, the little guy has been crushing hard over Dua Lipa—is it because her name is similar to Duolingo or because she's a pop star babe? Honestly, Duolingo does not make that clear. They've just gone completely unhinged on the app and viewers are loving it. 


Duolingo swimming in Dua Lipa's pee… 

Pick-up lines for Dua Lipa:


It's not just their strange obsession with Dua Lipa getting viewers excited for more Duolingo content. It's also that they've thrown being professional right out the window. Instead of making boring TikToks teaching you a new language or explaining the importance of knowing another language, they're straight up in a silly goofy mood—even doing videos that make fun of the entire company. 


“When you hit the legal team with one more lawsuit before the end of the day”

“Doing my stupid job, to carry this stupid app, with stupid content that doesn't even make sense.” 


Viewers have no idea how the person in charge of these videos hasn't been fired. Not because they hate them—viewers are in love with this content—but because they don't understand how a serious company like Duolingo can get away with posting on a social media app like a teenager. However they're getting away with it, holding the HR department hostage or something, TikTok is a more fun place because of it. 


“I gotta put me first!”

Duolingo got a nose job:


Plus, Duolingo's off-the-rails responses to people's comments on their videos and their hilarious feud with Google Translate is really giving us the TikTok soap opera we all need. 

“The boy who uses Google Translate"

Duolingo has become ungovernable.



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