Giant Sexy Shrek is Being Found All Over the World Thanks to TikTok


This highly cultured material girl has officially left the swamp. How has a giant Shrek in a sexy catwoman-esque jumpsuit seen more of the world than most people? A new Gan-Z trend on TikTok is how. 


All over the world people are posting videos of giant sexy Shrek popping out from behind mountains, in the ocean, behind tall buildings, in cornfields, and everywhere! This vivacious green ogre has been to all the popular cities like NYC and Paris. She's also been to party towns like Juarez, Mexico and to peaceful escapes like to the U.K. countryside. Hell, you can even find this onion-lovin' babe shaking her thing in Russia right now. 




The Gen-Z on their social media app TikTok has started a trend with a new filter that creates a giant sexy Shrek dancing. Remember when your 3rd grade teacher would ask any of their student's who traveled to take a picture of some toy where they were so they could hang that picture on the “travel map” and you can see everywhere its been? Well, this is that x100 and for Gen-Z (and let's be honest, millennials too).




US Suburbs


This jet-setter is making it through more than just the U.S.—she's traveled basically all of North America and is constantly being spotted all over Europe, the U.K., Australia, Japan, and more. And if you think she's afraid of the conflict going on between Russia and Ukraine right now, think again—because she's dancing her way through that area to keep the peace. 


Paris, France

U.K. Countryside

Children's Soccer Game

Juarez, Mexico

Sydney, Australia


This might just be another strange trend TikTok has brought into the world, but it truly is bringing everyone around the world together. The next step is for giant sexy Shrek to become and ambassador of the world. She'll show the many onion layers of everyone's cultures, encourage it's better out than in, and perhaps even spare her own ear wax to make sure everyone has a candle to light at their dinner table. 


All hail the very cultured giant sexy Shrek. 




Calgary, Canada




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