Yahoo Answers Question: Why Is Baby Smiling In His Sleep?

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Yahoo Answers crude answer to a nice question.
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Yahoo Answers totally helps new mother

Funny post on Yahoo Answers of a mom asking why her baby is smiling while he is sleeping. Once person posts back decent response that the baby is happy and that is why he is smiling.
Then comes in some brute in the Yahoo Answers forum and sort of claims to remember wanting boobs for lunch when he was a baby and that why this woman's baby is smiling.

One answer on Yahoo was nice, the other not

It is important to note that while one responder was a very low lever base response, the other was an authentic smart ass telling her the baby was happy. Really these types of questions should stay at the doctor or parenting group, as Yahoo Answers just brings in the answers that are easiest or most fun to type out.

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