Parenting Fails

Your Mom Is On Social Media, Time To Abort!

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    Your Mom's Lucky Weed

    Text - shared Tommy Chong's photo. 17 hrs YOU'VE BEEN PASSED THE LUCKY BUD SHARE THIS AND YOU WILL HAVE GOOD LUCK Like Comment Share That's not a 4 leaf clover Mom. 14 hrs Like 1 What is it???? 3 hrs Like thats weed. Something some people smoke it to get high. 3 hrs Like OMG I didn't know. LOL!!! It's pretty though 2 hrs Like Lol. 2 hrs Like Mom you shared it from Tommy Chong's page 1 hr Like No hun, it was on facebook. I don't even know who Tommy Chong is. ??????? 46 mins Like
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    Mom and Grandma Are Totally Ruining Your Game

    Text - March 1- |and Leslie Having a lovely time with Vanessal was so much eye candy?! - at Babbo Italian Eatery. Like Comment Share Who knew there Vanessa| |Beth and Cindy like this. Eye candy? March 1 at 7:19pm Like Dont worry mom, the eye candy was sarcasm... Nothing but old couples March 1 at 7:24pm Like And what's wrong with old couples? March 2 at 5:46am- Like Absolutely nothing Grandma March 2 at 9:04am Like Write a comment...
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    Take That, Dad Jokes!

    Text - afternoonsnoozebutton dkf-4 Source: alekshdfilms thisgingerischronic alekshdfilms one time i forced my mom to play pokemon for at least half an hour and all she did was catch a butterfree and name it lowfat mom jokes> dad jokes 178,144 notes
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    Way To Blow Up My Spot, Mom

    Product - Tiffany if you put your April baby on video counting to 10 by herself it would go viral. People are amazed at Xander copying me lol! Truly astonishing 3 hours ago Like pac My April baby Thomas counts to 10 by himself as well 1 hour ago Like 1 Well my son ran into a wall today while wearing a bucket on his head
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    That Burn is Crusty

    Text - Joe B NOTHING IS REALLY LOST UNTIL YOUR MOM CAN'T FIND IT. Jnlke Comment Share Wednesday at 11:41pm You and 9 others lke this. Shaun What about your virginity? Wednesday at 11:50pm Unlke 1 Connie B dirty socks... 17 hours ago Unlke 43 in his bedroom..under the ple of Joe B 40 minutes ago Like damn mom
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    Get Some Ice On That Burn

    Text - Jordan Jordan ud A dfferent word for very large penis ike Comment Share 17minutes ago Sorry to give you a name you can't live up to babyMUM 11 minutes ago Unlike 11 par of all pars 10 minutes ago Like I love my mum. 17 seconds ago Like
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    Game, Set, Match: Mom

    Text - Paul What to do today??? Saturday at 11:10am via Android Like Comment im doing your mom Saturday at 1:37pm Like Tim Debra impressive! LOL Saturday at 3:24pm Like Really? I didn't feel a thing! Not very Paul ey tim. My mom has facebook:- Saturday at 3:32pm Like 1person
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    Game Recognize Game

    Text - Star 8 hrs Everywhere i go i see the same hoe... Like Comment Share 3 people like this Mirrors suck huh? < her friend's mom Hollie 7 mins - Like Star Whays that supposed to mean 6 mins - Like Hollie you see a whore? Or did you mean you're gardening. l thought you were quoting song lyrics or do you mean literally 4 mins - Like Hollie Or where you using hoe as another word in the slang language for female? 4 mins - Like Guess I'm too old... you're too young to be quoting Tupac. Hollie 1 min
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    Your Lingo is No Match to Mom's Google Skills

    Text - Sara OH MA GAAAAAAAAAAAWD FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP 28 minutes ago Lke Comment Shaun likes this. Margaret 25 minutes ago Like 222 MOTHER Awkward. Hi mum. Sara 24 minutes ago Like Margaret 23 minutes ago Like hahaha Im just excited 'tis all. Sara 23 minutes ago Like Margaret Dictionary:) 18 minutes ago Like I have just checked the word FAP" in the Urban Oh dear. Awkward"crickets Sara a few seconds ago Like
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    Is This Molly's Fault? Are You Sweating?

    Text - Yesterday at 9:07am "with the birds i'll share this lonely view" Like Comment 2 people like this stay off the drugs, son lol Like 2. Yesterday at 9:21am its the red hot chilli peppers mom Like Yesterday at 9:23am what kinda drugs r those???? Like 1 Yesterday at 9:55am Like Yesterday at 9:57am


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