Things That Line Up Surprisingly Well

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    Real estate agent John-Paul Radish also sought to represent the Sweet Potato Cafe, but the owners were more impressed with Frederick Yam's qualifications.
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    In a Bar That Doesn't Serve Either of Those Things

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    But if there was a bar that served cookies, I wouldn't be around to post this list.
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    Never Be the Last to Open a Beer Again

    Why open them serially when you can open them all at once? Now no one is more important than you!
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    The Way is Clear

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    It's a straight shot down Poo Avenue and then a left to the dump.
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    The Truth is Out There

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    And it's also in your house.
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    I Bet They Are Siblings Who No Longer Speak

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    As children they had a falling out over which one Mom loved more.
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    Every Driver's Dream

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    Time to get a new car. Can't risk it.
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    Perfect Pause

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    Wherever he is, Homer only has eyes for Marge, even if it is from a slightly voyeuristic angle.
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    That's A Bit Presumptuous

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    This couch holds 3 generations of this family's farts. You can't just get rid of that.
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    Frodo Was Pretty Useless, Honestly

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    But there would have been only one short, sensible movie if they had just given Sam the ring in the first place.


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