All the Best Reactions to Gay Marriage Becoming Legal Nationwide

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    It certainly deserves a few snaps.

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    And how appropriate that the correct response to the Daily Double question was The Crucible by Arthur Miller, a play about the Salem witch trials of the 1690s which in turn served as an allegory for the zeitgeist of McCarthyism in in the 1950s. Each instance chronicled the persecution of people for some slight or perceived "defect" of character (witchcraft, communism sympathy) which, according to prevailing bigotry, rendered them unfit to exist in contemporary society. In each case, as is the case with the issue of gay marriage, determination of guilt was based on factors that were as unseeable as they were arbitrary: spiritual affiliation, political views, and a person's predisposition to love do not show on someone's face, nor can they be determined with any scientific examination. Yet that did not dissuade intolerance from seeking them out anyway. As a species, we're adept at finding new and creative ways to hate.
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    The last paragraph of the SCOTUS official ruling.

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    Oh it's ordered. It is so ordered! We can use that same mentality that allows us to hate for equally altruistic purposes. If you need evidence of that fact, then look no further than the above paragraph.
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    There was a problem rendering this tweet - it may have been deleted.
    No need to assemble The Avengers for this one, Joe. We already have of five Avengers we can trust.
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    The justices in favor were Sonia Sotomayor, Anthony Kennedy, Stephen Breyer, Elena Kagan, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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    They showed their true colors today. May we suggest a permanent change in robe colors?
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    It's time to raise a new flag.

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    This billboard in Columbus, OH used to say "One man and one woman" until someone painted over it.

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    Holy mantrimony, anyone?
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    There was a problem rendering this tweet - it may have been deleted.
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    This man immediately proposed to his boyfriend on the steps of the Supreme Court Building in Washington.

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    This sign was posted outside a comic book shop in Dallas.

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    It's time for an updated marriage map.

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    A more colorful version.

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    Google headquarters got in the spirit of the ruling.

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    And so did the White House Facebook page.

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  • 18 tracks all the lives lost as a result of the SCOTUS ruling.

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    Gee. 0! Who woulda thunk?
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    The horror!

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    Yes. Yes it is.

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    A Texas pastor said he would set himself on fire if the SCOTUS ruled in favor of gay marriage.

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    We'd settle for him just setting fire to his preconceived notions of marriage.
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    And don't act like this is oppressing anybody.

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    Overall, it's a damn good day to celebrate.

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    Arthur Miller once said that "maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets." One can't help but envision the pro-segregation protesters on the steps of the capitol building during the Civil Rights movement, calling for bathrooms, buses, restaurants, schools, sports leagues, and all other manner of social institutions to remain "separate but equal," and wonder if the sons and daughters of those protesters felt the regret that their parents so sorely lacked.


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