11 Of The Most Cringeworthy Things Guys Have Done On Dates

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    Face - Tatiyana @TatlyanaSports Follow Replying to @Oloni I went out to eat with this one guy and when the bill came, he paid cash & said put the rest on his card. The server came back and said his card declined.... the remaining balance was $3.17.
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    Text - Kagiso @DarkskinNugget 9h t75 208 The guy told me he'd fetch me around 9pm to go out to eat and have drinks. He showed up at 10pm. On foot. Bought KFC. Offered me Black Label. It was raining.
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    Text - t18 190 Richard Butler @rmdbutler5h He kept singing. Like we'd be sitting there and he'd start singing and I've have to sit there and listen in silence. Repeatedly. And when I asked him if we could talk rather than listen to him perform he got PROPERLY annoyed
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    Text - t12 159 Zoë @ZoeGilligan 7h On a 2nd date, known each other a week, a guy brought me on a drive out to Howth to show me a house he liked and thought l'd like too and "maybe one day it could be ours".... 2nd date and last date thank u
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    Text - t 48 282 Eugenie Gregan @greganeugenie 8h Invited him over for coffee, he packed an overnight bag with his own pillow.
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    Text - ti22 516 Gawjess @omgeze 6h Replying to @Oloni Cried because their girlfriend caught him LOOL
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    Text - Yoncé @MILKY_DAH DIVA Follow Replying to @Oloni Guy told me I was crazy for loving Beyoncé as I do Needless to say I never saw him again
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    Text - t 117 1.2K jukai @basedshxn 8h Replying to @basedshxn @Oloni doesn't drive. They eventually left cause I made them think they had the wrong guy and he turned around to me and said "omg you're so strong nobody has ever been able to hold me back before." He was literally hiding behind me
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    Text - ti 76 294 jukai @basedshxn 8h Replying to @Oloni Walking back to his car after a date and a car pulls up. Apparently he was talking shit to these guys in his car earlier that day. He started getting rude until three of them jumped out the car so I jumped in front of him and managed to diffuse the situation. I even told them he
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    Text - t67 258 Ste @stephopoka 9h Replying to @Oloni T ran away from a girl in central London
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    Text - t 174 1.3K Ste @stephopoka 9h Replying to @Oloni She was trying to kiss me, then said I had to go home with her. I made a rapid assessment and then decided to run through a few backstreets near Saville Row. I knew she wouldn't match me for pace and my stamina was excellent. I've never seen or stumbled across her ever since
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    Text - Velvet Cheesyground @laurabygaslight Follow Replying to @Oloni Bonus: he lived with his dad
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    Text - Velvet Cheesyground Follow @laurabygaslight Replying to @Oloni On a first (and only) date, belittled me for owning a house, mocked where l owned my house (a "shithole" apparently) then complained that I asked for a glass of regular red wine when he offered to buy me a drink, because it was "expensive"
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    Text - Merlot Coat Follow @Jec91 Replying to @Oloni Not what my date did but an old man approached me whilst on a date & said if he were younger he'd put a ring on my finger & a baby in my belly. Then told me about his work in the circus & coming out of an elephant's bum. This isn't even the whole story
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    Text - Merlot Coat Follow @Jec91 Replying to@leorume7 @Oloni So then told me about a girl at the circus who looked just like me & he was in love with her. She took him to this lake, got him naked etc then all the circus people came out the bushes & laughed, she'd planned it all to humiliate him. Said he's never gotten over it.
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    Text - Merlot Coat Follow @Jec91 Replying to@Jec91 @leorume7 @Oloni I was like, this dude is out for revenge and is probably gonna kill me idk. He also said he'd take me for a ride on his wheelchair but I probably wouldn't fit. Described me as a lovely jubbly bubbly blonde'.


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