20 Dating Site Trolls Share Their Devious Antics

  • 1
    Macaw - Itrall dating sites in the hopes Someone canmatch mytroling skills
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  • 2
    Cartoon - Iimade an okcupidlacount asan Eevee where I'ust use Pakemon themed pickup lines. Do you have a thunderstone? Because Im feeling sparks
  • 3
    Text - Oust downloaded Tinder (mostly Co troll Iused Dan Howell with a wigas my profile picture
  • 4
    Natural foods - My Tinder.profile photo was a piece of Food Asurprising number of people Swiped right.
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  • 5
    Facial expression - For some reason lonly use dating apps to send peaple weird messages to see how they respond
  • 6
    Text - Igp on dating stes,make guys Pell for me hard and then crushthetr hopes of Finally meeting me Im proud of t everyCime i works
  • 7
    Text - tinder Ohavea tinder account specifieally Forkinky hookups. it started as a joke but get waymore matches and dates there than on myregular profile,and it makes mesort of sad.
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  • 8
    Cuisine - Thavea tnder wherel pretend tobeacarrot Caddapinch co
  • 9
    Soil - lwas banned from OkCupid for having afake account For my pet tarantula.
  • 10
    Text - When guys ask for nudes on dating sites, Isend themmy Kickstarter and say Chey have to donate $500 first, That shuts them rihitup!
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  • 11
    Face - Ibasically go on Tinder totrol People, and then when someone trolls back and makes me laugh, Iknowlve found someone Mindy.worth taking ta th T 2202 miles away e 10 hours ago About Mindy Tiny doctor in a big city looking for love, friendship, or a donut that's so good it's spiritual. I've got a Reese
  • 12
    Text - My profile picture on Tinder is a catbecause Im too shy to post myreal photo. So everygy that matches with me starts the conversation with meow
  • 13
    Text - My troll Cinder account gets me morerelationshipmaterialthan my actual account.. .this bardeline wrecks mea lcanget more action being a furrythan anormal person..and Imnot evena furry..
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  • 14
    Text - Igo troll POF. Usually to let ladies know who are seekinga relationship that their risque pics are not going to get Chem that. No standup dude willgo For youI have sisters and I feel likel helping these young ladies II out.
  • 15
    Text - Made my principala tinder account, she found out. FML Shorpie Shoopie Sharpie
  • 16
    Footwear - WOG Isend random tinder boys to my neighbours &watch them get confused ALL ST
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  • 17
    Text - Recentlgljust wanted to make a fake tinder account and have a bunch of pictures of Chuck Bass from gossip girljust to see what happens
  • 18
    Text - Ondating apps, if a guy startsa conversation with a perverted message,I cant help but pretend to be arrogant and awful to see how quicklylcan put them off
  • 19
    Text - I was bored solmadeafake tinder account For a sheep with the bio ust a lonelysheeplooking For ove One day and italready has more matches than me.
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  • 20
    Text - How to troll Tinder in Seattle: Put Tbve the patriarchy in your profile


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