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6 GIFs Showing How to Get Fit in This New World of Technology

  • 1

    Standing is One of The Most Fundamental Things Humans Learn to Do, It's Important to Practice as Much as Possible

    Cheezburger Image 8554691584
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  • 2

    Why Weight For Your Arms to Atrophy? Start Lifting!

    Cheezburger Image 8554691072
  • 3

    Do You Even Lift From a Moving From an io Hawk, Bro?

    Cheezburger Image 8554689792
  • 4

    Yeah, Use Your Feet Like a Disgusting Plebain

    Cheezburger Image 8554688768
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  • 5

    Always Lift More

    Cheezburger Image 8554686208
  • 6

    Never Forget That Flesh Humans Maybe Hostile Towards Cyber-men And You Will Have to Defend Yourself

    Cheezburger Image 8554688256


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