11 Times Liars Had Their Flaming Pants Doused by the Truth

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    Text - 2 reviews a year ago You have to be kidding me ... Yes I was drunk but a girl forced me into the private area and I talked about mine and my wife's garage sale... I didn't know what was happening and next thing I know owe 300$... that's more than a therapy session. I didn't do anything and my wife paid because I refused. This place prays on drunk people to get their money. It's ridiculous. I will never go again and hope you don't either. She was ugly too. . thanks for ruining a marriage F
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    twitter FUN FACT: Farms are legally allowed to have a certain amount of PUSS and BLOOD (obviously from the cows nipples) in their milk when they sell it? And they just dye it white. Goodmorning say it back Unpopular Opinion: Drinking milk by itself 0:04 t37.2K 1,841 101K Replying to FUN FACT: this is fake. There are strict rules with regards to the cleanliness of milk. You're referring to white blood cells...which are in human breast milk FYI Memes aren't facts so do better research before t
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    picture bill gates and his daughter Gates' dad was a fucking lawyer. I don't know where this online myth started but it's untrue 2d 188 likes Reply View replies (5) After eating, he gave $5 to the waiter as a tip... The waiter had a strange feeling on his face after the tip. Gates realized &asked. What happened? Waiter: "I am just amazed because on the same table your daughter gave tip of $500 and you her father, t
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    twitter post trust me dude, twitch hates everyone, they banned me like 7 different times for absolutely no reason 11:13 PM Dec 20, 2017 53 Likes You streamed porn 43
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    google review Worst Burger I've eaten. 4 of us lads were absolutely starving. All of us ordered the CFC burger and it was terrible. It was like they forgot to put the chicken in the batter and then over fried it. Would not return or recommend to anyone, in fact probably go out of my way to steer people clear. Very overpriced for what we actually ended up with. I informed one of the staff of the quality of my burger and they weren't interested in rectifying the situation. I have
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    picture storm from balcony Holy crap! My buddy from Hong Kong just sent me this, stay safe guys! Oh man.. shits almost fully here 90170 28 Comments 36 Shares 9.4K Views Comment Share Like Write a comment... GIE Most Relevant Hmm did he send you this 3 years ago ge theugh h hCh Nw t o
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    screenshot youtube tornado Huge tornado tears through Foshan in South China 11,929 views Share Save 14 2 CNew China TV 284,408 subscribers SUBSCRIBE ww.CHIN Published on Oct 4, 2015 A rare tornado tore through Foshan in the southern
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    picture cake rainbow Bartenders & all restaurant staff.. UNITE! Conversation Start...terday at 6:36 PM Got a farewell cake from my workplace YOU'RE DEAD TO US WE HOPE YOU FAIL Write a comment... GIF
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    facebook Too bad you cant be that important that you stole the photo off of pinterest A . 2:38 Cesoner Farecake-n W HOPE YOU FAIL DEAD TO VS fwe eakes mplayees h dally ncom "Youre dead to us no Yohe Dead to us ew We. Last P eet e 4 GooD 5h Like Reply 1 View saved CCCccc Like Reply 5h y
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    google review They have a problem with veterans Share (Owner) 2 weeks ago I'm a veteran and I own the business, I assure you we do not. We have a problem with people like you who harass female employees of our business. It is not acceptable to make women feel unsafe and fearful at our business and that is why you got kicked out. You need to address your predatory behavior and not try to lash out to businesses for identifying it.
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    picture little girl holding soldier dad's hand her dad was leaving for a two year deployment. She was crying, and wouldn't let go of her dad's hand, even when he stood in line. BEST COMMENTS This is a screen grab from Season 4 Episode 13 of the show Army Wives. This particular shot is from somewhere in about the last 5 minutes of the You Doodle show.
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    twitter picture girls I'm jealous because that's not even me Capital @CapitalOfficial Show of hands - who else is exceptionally jealous of these girls getting a snap with @marshmellomusic at @southwest4? 91 ti662 5.2K
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    facebook post guy screaming in haunted house When your friends force you to go to a haunted house knowing damn well you can't handle a haunted house Tank Sinatra can't do haunted houses, not because I get scared, but because if someone jumped at me like that my first inclinations would be to take them down a choke them out 24 Me gusta Responder 4 d BLol ok chuck I 6 Me gusta Responder 4 d Me too! Me gusta Responder 4 d You say this yet when we went i


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