31 Random Memes That Have No Purpose, But Also Who Cares

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    Text - Remember when you were little and you'd fall on the trampoline and everyone would keep jumping so you couldn't get back up? That's college.
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    Serpent - My ANACONDA Literally like CAN'T EVEN fight now ike omg.
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    Text - thecommonchick approach Jesse McLaren @McJesse STarring Me Are racist people like "ugh, my open minded uncle is going to be at Thanksgiving this year." 11/22/16, 11:02 AM 53.7K RETWEETS 124K LIKES Source: ridge 120,819 notes
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    Text - cage-free-eggs instagrarn calliopesragingboner one-hamburger: dicksp8ir fionaaelizabeth: If corals get stressed they die, so if I was coral I would be dead what do coral even get stressed about Current events Get out 552,858 notes
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    Tree - WANS WRNS eor Coars 95.1 Monday at 8:58 PM You know how sometimes when you drive and there is a LITTLE vibration and you feel it in the steering wheel and it drives you crazy till you get it fixed? And yet a 50 something year old woman in Illinois DID NOT NOTICE THIS TREE in the front of her car. She probably drove 4 miles like this until police stopped her! Yeah, she blew a .172. She did tell police she thought she hit something a while back!
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    Text - siderolover: goopgirl girls are amazing. we give each other things constantly. u need a tampon?? 5 girls will look in their purses! u have dry hands? here use some of my lotion!l oh no are u thirsty?? let's share my drinkll looking for a cute outfit?? u can borrow some my clothes if u want!! are u hungry?? wait 10 minutes ll make u dinnerl! you want makeup? you want a hairclip? you want cramp medicine? here, have it
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    Text - [Writing the State Of The Union] OBAMA: So 'll say the state of the union is... BIDEN: On fleek. Say it's on fleek.
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    Blackboard - FEN Bhck aday's Saup Whiskey with Ice Crautons
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    Text - Josh Follow @jbillinson "I left a Kenyan passport in your desk, just to with him" "Joe" "Oh and a prayer rug in your bedroom. He's gonna lose it!" "Dammit Joe"
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    Earth - If we put a giant mirror 10 light years away from Earth and looked at it through a telescope, theoretically we'd see 20 years into the past.
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    Clothing - Patriotic American Flag TANK 63 customer reviews List Price: $49.95 Price: $9.99-$19.95 & FREE Returms on so and colors. Details Size: Size Chart Fit: As expected (50% ) Select Color: Red George Washington By on October 10, 2014 Color Name: Red Size Name: Medium I wasn't ready for this shirt. Verified Purchase I bought it for a 4th of July party, thinking it would be a fun gag shirt. Little did I know. I pulled it out of the box and immediately sank to my knees and wept tears of pure
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    Text - *record scratch* *freeze frame* Yup, that's me. you're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation Twitter:Lifeincartoon
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    grey fox - fivepipsandflowers This is me and my relationship with bread. Source: canines-and-things 562,156 notes A
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    Animated cartoon - It's gets worse the longer you look
  • 15
    Text - goths7 working in retail me: hey customer: i wish you would just fing DIE me: okay let me know if you have any questions! Source: goths7
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    Text - Sometimes you have to hit "no receipt" at the ATM because you don't need that kind of negativity in your life
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    Text - File: tumblr nidskwRq7e1szakyvo.jpg (74 KB, 630x420) Anonymous 08/12/15(Wed) 14:39: 00 No.634249715 toul ITT: Things that convince you that paranormal life exists >At home, alone, 23 years ago >Nearing midnight, hear a knock on the door >Dazed a little, I get up to see who it is Hear the knock again, louder this time >l stumble to the door >Swinging the door open, I see nobody's there >Neighbourhood kids d :king around probably, I think nothing of it >An hour later, I hear a thud in the k
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    Product - dennys If you're up really late studying for finals, try swapping your contact solution with coffee for a quick pick-me-up. lilstrawberrymoon dennys what the f
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    Text - Kid: Dad tell me all about 2016 Dad: ok hold on *dad pounds three shots of tequila* Dad: it all started with this fing gorilla Twitter: Leogoldman33 dety
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    Hair - hey it me yur brudder am sad i kild bro handsoap pls impossibru ill kil u
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    Text - "What day is it?" asked pooh. "It's Monday," said Piglet. said Pooh "F eo ve
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    Clothing - Why I'm "Antisocial" People around me Me "Fing plebs"
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    Cartoon - when someone tells you beyblade isn't a real sport
  • 24
    Text - French: ..Sixty-seven, sixty-eight, sixty-nine, sixty-ten.... Other languages: "stares** French: *stares back* French: .sixty-eleven, sixty-twelve, sixty-thirteen... French: ...sixty-sixteen, sixty-ten- seven... Other languages: "shutting eyes* French: ..sixty-ten-eight, sixty-ten- nine... Other languages: "hands over face* French: ..four twenties!:) Four twenties one..
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    Text - If you currently live or have lived in Puert Mothers Maiden Name Have you ever been convicted of a felony? Have employment and Sprouts will make an individuali applicable state or federal law, age at time of con opportunity for the same or similar conduct to ree No Yes No I am a Massachusetts applicant
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    Text - peachiepals people say that our generation is entitled, but have you ever tried to tell an old lady that her coupon doesn't apply??? 120,212 notes
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    Games - #16 When your manager walks in and you pick up the nearest thing to your hand to look as if you're working.
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    Text - High Schoolers: I hope the roads are icy for a snow day College Students: I hope the roads are icy so a car slides into me tomorrow
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    Cartoon - ruinedchildhood 2000ish dekutree-official: twirlingtroye: sneak peak at Iggy Azalea's new video how dare you compare teen pop sensation britney britney to her you uncultured swine
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    Text - Level 3 THIS DOOR IS ALARMED AFTER 5pm Besore then, it's just generally anxious... tastefullyoffensive: On a door at my university." -icymango
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    Text - Creepo Deepo @thatshaikh I'm 1st world poor. Which means I own a smart phone and an expensive laptop so I can go online and check that I have no money in the bank FAVORITES RETWEETS 8,660 4,674 9:44 AM-26 Jan 2015 tastefullyoffensive: via @thatshaikh


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