11 Spicy Roasts That Definitely Brought The Heat

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    people getting roasted - Soldier - ARMY /RoastMe H reddit809 3878 points 1 day ago As if you needed camouflage to go unnoticed.
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    people getting roasted - Hair - nur H shitroaster 2304 points 3 months ago I hope you fake orgasms better than smiles. Koast Me
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    people getting roasted - Pink - r/Raois ine ROAST US NERAS Hwavingunsatnuns 541 points 6 days ago I can't tell which one of you is the ugly friend
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    people getting roasted - Eyebrow - ROAST ME H TheDudeFactor Its like the tape was ripped out of 50 different audio cassettes and dropped on your head.
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    people getting roasted - Product - ROAST ME Triscuitador 8,4k points 21 days ago Barely recognized her without the dog filter. Reply Share Report Save
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    people getting roasted - Hair - EE ROOST MP Thespud19791368 points 21 days ago It's hard to roast someone under that much makeup. You could be a black man for all we know. permalink source save save-RES report give gold reply hide child comments
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    people getting roasted - Face - HROotme H RhysofMind 3536 points 6 months ago Damn your handwriting is pretty awful. But I suppose it must be pretty hard to hold a pen, considering you're a hammerhead shark and all..
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    people getting roasted - Face - roast me scruntfuttock brought here by enzo32ferrari's Best Ofs You look like you sneezed during a staring contest 2.4k points 9 days ago Reply Share Report Save
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    people getting roasted - Hair - r/roastme H Pick Locks_Get Money Verified Roastbee 1088 points 1 day ago You look like your face was beaten with a used chalkboard eraser
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    people getting roasted - Product - loudoo1 1.7k points 5 days ago Even your teeth are blonde Reply Share Report Save
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    people getting roasted - Beauty - Toastne worthlessliver 17 days ago 4.6k points I bet you can't wait to cover a 97 accord in coexist stickers Reply Share Report Save
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