Tarpman is the Hero #YallQaeda Needs Right Now

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    We Know Military Strategy is a Family Affair for #Tarpman

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    There's Always More Below the Surface

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    Watch Out!

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    Someone Send That Rabbit a Gun!

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    United States Postal Service would be the carrier of choice, of course.
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    Way to Drape for What You Believe In

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    He's Just Doing What Our Forefathers Would Have Wanted

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    You're Gonna Have to Use Your First Amendment and Speak Up

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    He's Under There, Ready for a Close Encounter With Government Tyrrany

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    Speak Your Truth, Tarpman

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    Wait, Tarpman Came Out of His Tarp?

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    #Tarpman is no longer a mystery, but he's still the hero the YeeHawdists deserve.

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