14 Of The Craziest, Most Unexpected Overheards People Have Been Caught Up In

  • 1
    Tweet if kid who asked mom if they can give him the money and go at a long sermon
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  • 2
    first date asking about ideal woman and he says normal
  • 3
    Olive Garden eavesdropping about get out of me
  • 4
    target conversation overheard between father and son
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  • 5
    Tweet of overheard conversation about having a name like Charles Manson, would you change it?
  • 6
    Tweet about doing things fro the aesthetic overheard at a coffee shop
  • 7
    tweet of little girl at work that told mom she wants to be a bumblebee when she grows up
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  • 8
    theatre class overheard about girl who doesn't wear panty hose because she no panty ho
  • 9
    fortnite conversation over heard by parents about rocket riding you
  • 10
    white man claims he can become very unfashionably very quickly
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  • 11
    eavesdropping elderly ladies about Dorris who put her hand a bit too low on husband's back
  • 12
    overheard at a toronto club about wanting to be popular and not have to wait in line
  • 13
    overheard in alaska
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  • 14
    9 years old can do whatever you want with a haircut


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