14 Witty Millennial Tweets That Exude Sheer Laziness

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    Text - Commie, Esq. @ThatisArguable One thing that millennials don't understand is that if they gave up all of the things that make life worth living for just two years they could have a savings account with $600 in it. 6:44 am 13 Jan. 18
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    Text - Queen @Queennnn Behind every broke millennial, is a Baby Boomer who makes 6 figures but can't open a PDF.
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    Text - Alexis @alexisclairefit "Millennials are so entitled" says BabyBoomerBarbara as she loses her sht when the waiter takes longer than 30 secs to get her drink order 10:50 AM - Aug 10, 2017 1,618
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    Text - Catherine Bramley @cathbramley99 absolute myth that us young folk are the ruder generation just offered a prehistoric dinosaur my seat and she replied 'i've got legs you know' haha you won't in a minute you old bat 5/17/18, 8:28 PM
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    Text - matthew @notmatthewww the people calling millennials 'entitled are the same people who demand to speak to a manager because their expired coupons aren't being accepted
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    Text - Brooks Otterlake @i_zzzzzz Maybe if millennials spent less on brunch and more on particle physics research they could travel to 1974 and afford a house. Just a thought 19.6K 3:30 PM - Oct 16, 2016
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    Text - Bank Black With Your Vibranium @Steph LWill Too busy filling out job applications that ask them to attach their resume and then enter what's on that same resume on the next page. FT Comment @ftcomment Millennials aren't buying diamonds - why? 10:21 PM-20 May 2017
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    Text - samantha @samkru_ You millennials and your obsession with public healthcare. Back in my day we just died 58.5K 5:27 PM - Mar 8, 2017
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    Text - Spence @SpenceDen Millenials. Walking around like they rent the place. 3:31 pm 03 Jan 18 8,024 Retweets 33.1K Likes
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    Text - steph @plantxbasic "millenials spend all their money on luxuries!" says the generation that insists on having expensive sets of "good" plates as well as regular plates as if anyone gives a stt. 5/16/18, 2:27 AM
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    Text - sophie @sophxthompson "kids these days have it too easy" said the generation that could buy a house on a wage from unskilled work at age 21 12K 1:24 PM - Jan 13, 2016
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    Text - IN(DIE) @INDIEWASHERE i love how babyboomers dreamt of being millionaires & the millennial dream is 2 hve a 1 bed apartment&not 2 drown bc of the ice caps melting 69.5K 2:32 PM - Jun 6, 2017
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    Text - Zach Wallen @Zach_Wallen I love baby boomers who say "kids don't even know how to write cursive" in a negative way like ok grandma you can't even turn your laptop on without getting 6 viruses and wiring half your retirement money to a Nigerian Prince 9:00 AM Mar 13, 2018
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    Text - dean @Vxrnvn I gotta pay to get in. Pay for gas. Pay for drinks. Pay for food. AND have to work in the morning tomorrow? Keep it. @VICE VICE Millennials have discovered "going out" sucks: Rb


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